Check Out Daniel Bell Deadlift 370kg/817lbs For a Set of 4

This new personal record looked easy for the world record holder.

When you see a headline that says, “Daniel Bell did some type of lift of an inexplicably heavy weight”, it might be easy to just cock your head and say, well, of course he did. The man put up the biggest wrapped total in powerlifting history! He deadlifts 360kg/795lb triples for fun! He competes in the +308lb weight class. He is a gigantic human with inhuman strength. 

Well, even so, this is a set worthy of your attention. Bell shared a video of him deadlifting 370kg/817lb for a set of four. In less than fifteen seconds, Bell lifts a combined total of 1,480kg/3,268lb off the floor. Check it out below from his Instagram page:

Hook grip? No big deal. Lifting speed? Pretty much consistent from beginning to end. New personal record? You bet. One of Bell’s followers named @gainseeker asks, “What do you cue to tighten the upper back Dan?” Bell responds:

“I just try putting my shoulder blades in my back pocket before hand.”

Another follower of Bell, Louis Spanier, asks, “Do [you] hit calves directly?” To which Bell replies:


But the most notable member of the comments section is powerlifter Kevin Oak. Yes, the Kevin Oak that very recently set a new all-time powerlifting world record squat of 390kg/860lb at the World Raw Powerlifting Federation (WRPF) Hybrid Showdown II in the 110kg/242lb weight class. His reaction pretty much summarized everyone else’s:


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Speaking of squats, here is Bell with 455kg/1003lb on his back (but of course!) from less than a week ago:

Bell is currently in prep for the 2020 5th Annual U.S. Kern Open on April 25th-26th at the Del Mar Fairgrounds in San Diego, CA. Bell is likely to put up another massive total, and we look forward to seeing what how inexplicably heavy that is.

Feature image from Daniel Bell’s Instagram page: @dbell_74