Don’t Miss These Important Powerlifting Dates in 2016

It’s a great year so far for powerlifting, including some World Record performances and the emergence of Blaine Sumner as one of the sport’s greats (and potential all-time greats). But there’s still plenty of lifting yet to go. To stay on top of important national, regional, and international powerlifting meets, we’ve put together some of the highlight dates below. (Text version below the graphic.)

Powerlifting Dates 2016
Powerlifting Dates 2016

(Select dates according to the IPF’s competition calendar.)

The season culminates in November with the IPF’s Powerlifting World Championships, held in Orlando, Florida. (We’re hoping it’s not 90+ degrees by then, but it’ll probably still be on the muggy side.)

Of course, in a sport with seemingly countless federations and governing bodies, it can be tough to keep things straight, and there are certainly events missing from this schedule or overlapping some of these featured dates. So while we’ve tried to highlight some of the sport’s biggest gatherings and stages, this is far from exhaustive.

So if you can’t make these but still want to check out some great lifting, visit your local powerlifting competitions (or better yet, compete!). If you’ve never seen competitive powerlifting, it’s an incredibly exciting and supportive atmosphere where PRs are celebrated like extra paychecks. And the post-match meals get pretty epic.

April 19-24: World Open, Sub-Junior, Junior & Master Equipped Bench Press Championships – IPF
April 30: Pacific Invitational – OPF
May 10-14: European Open Powerlifting Championships – EPF
May 13-15: SELL Games – IPF
May 14-21: World Open, Sub Junior, Junior & Master Bench Press Championships – IPF
May 27-29: Arnold Sports Festival, Africa – SAPF
June 19-26: IPF RAW/Classic World Powerlifting Championships – IPF
July 11-17: University Powerlifting World Cup – IPF
Aug 20: Pacific Invitational 2 – OPF
Aug 29-Sep 3: World Sub Juniors & Juniors Powerlifting Championships – IPF
Sep 23-25: Arnold Sports Festival, Europe – EPF
Oct 2-8: Masters World Powerlifting Championships – IPF
Nov 13-19: Powerlifting World Championships – IPF