Watch Powerlifter Garrett Fear Deadlift 804 lbs for a Lifetime PR

After two years, Garrett Fear breaks through the 800lbs milestone!

Powerlifter Garrett Fear has an impressive resume in the sport of powerlifting despite only being twenty-two years old. Since his competitive debut four years ago at the United States Powerlifting Association (USPA) Battle of the Great Lakes Powerlifting Championships, Fear has competed twelve times between the -89kg and -99kg weight classes. Of those twelve events, Fear won gold in ten of them.

Although standing atop the podium was not an elusive goal for Fear, a personal record deadlift of 365kg (804lbs) was. Until now.

Check out Fear haul a colossal 365kg (804lb) deadlift that he shared on his Instagram page:

Fear’s bodyweight at the time of this lift was 95kg (210lbs). This means his new PR is dangerously close to four times his bodyweight and it looked like it was almost too easy for him. He holds the weight at the top for nearly eight seconds before throwing it down. In his post, Fear shared some insight into how long it took for him to finally hit this long awaited goal saying:

“Been chasing this for almost 2 years. Missed it 15+ times. It was overdue, but perfectly timed.”

It may come as a surprise to learn that Fear struggled for so long to break through the 800lb milestone. After all, it was only a week ago that he shattered his previous PR which was a full 8.5kg (18.7lbs) lighter at 356.5kg (786lbs) than his current PR. 

Check it out:

Safe to say that paying heed to the trope “never give up” has really leveraged some big dividends for Fear. He will be competing next in just over one week’s time and it is safe to assume he will put his new PR on display as he looks to appear atop the podium once again.


Who is Garrett Fear?

Garrett Fear is an accomplished powerlifter in the -89kg and -99kg weight classes. He made is competitive debut at the United States Powerlifting Association Battle of the Great Lakes Powerlifting Championships in 2016

Feature image from Garrett Fear’s Instagram page: @garrettfear