Giants Live at Wembley Results: Kieliszkowski Wins!

Full results from Wembley Arena, including Kaz vs. Magnus.

Less than one month after the sport of strongman crowned a new World’s Strongest Man, fans were treated to another great event that included moments that will be talked about for a long time to come. The new World’s Strongest Man, Martins Licis, was one of those athletes that ventured to Wembley Arena to take part in his first contest since winning the title. However, he would not leave England the winner as he did Florida in June.

Winner – Mateusz Kieliszkowski

Coming off his second place finish at the WSM, Kieliszkowski made a huge statement at Wembley and got redemption, culminating with a seven point difference between first and second place. His victory here is highlighted by 13 reps on the Safe Press with 150 kg (331 pounds). He also breezed through the Farmer’s Walk by making it down and back the distance in less than 19 seconds! Aside from the win, he is now qualified for the 2020 World’s Strongest Man contest.

2nd – Jerry Pritchett

The Arizona native and deadlift specialist was considered a favorite in the deadlift since Benedikt Magnusson withdrew from the competition. He and Rauno Heinla tied for the win at that event with successful lifts of 455 kg (1,003 pounds). He attempted to lift 467.5 kg (1,030 pounds) but wasn’t able to complete it once it reached his knees. He posted on Instagram that he tore his left pec on the Safe Press but still finished the event and is now qualified for the 2020 WSM.

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Well @giantslivewsm London is a wrap… I ended up tied for 1st in the World deadlift championships and in 2nd place overall in Giants Live Wembley! Deadlift didn't go to plan, with warm ups being a little to early I ended up making a few more pulls then I had planned 880lb….924lb….968lb….1001lbs……and 1030lb to my knees just a little out of position and out of gas. That 501 will raise, just not in the cards this weekend! In the Giants Live show.. farmers walk and Hercules hold went pretty well, but in the 3rd event Safe Press I tore my left pec on the 5th rep. This obviously hurt the press and made for a slow painful stone run. I still managed to accomplish sitting on the podium and qualifying myself for the 2020 World's Strongest Man @theworldsstrongestman… 2015 was the last time I was at WSM and I'm excited to go back! As always thanks to my family training partners and sponsors for all of their help and support!! #PritchettPower #IronOutlaw #pritchettpowerstrength #wornbutnotwornout #JerryPritchettStrongman #andersonpowerlifing #alr #alrsponsoredathlete #TheOriginalIronOutlaw #chickasawcitizen #Chicasaw #pritchettpowerdeadlift #programedbypritchett #arnoldstongmanclassic #pritchettpowercrew #Ironandstone #powernutrition @hitechpharma @anthonyjpresciano @andersonpowerlifting @ironandstonestrength @powernutritionavondale @pritchettpowerstrength @arnoldsports @sbd.usa @sbdapparel @ricky_larocca @giantslivewsm @officialstrongman_ @chickasawnation

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3rd – Martins Licis

The 2019 World’s Strongest Man surprised people by jumping into this event so soon after winning the title but he clearly wasn’t fully recovered from the contest which was less than a month ago. He struggled early on and was in last place after 3 events. He was able to come back and finish on the podium in the bronze position which in itself is quite a feat. He finished the day by winning the Stones event with a time of 20.27 seconds.

Other Notes

At 53 years of age, Mark Felix surpassed his own record in the Hercules Hold. He held onto the 160 kg pillars for a time of 83.82 seconds which according to Giants Live is a world record. He won that event, of course, but finished the contest in 8th place overall.

Speaking of the Hercules Hold, the battle of legends also took place at Wembley Arena. Four-time World’s Strongest man We  faced each other in a modified version of the Hercules Hold. The rig was adjusted to provide 20 kg of extra support on each side.

Magnusson stunned the crowd by holding the pillars up for a time of 1 minute, 41 seconds. Kazmaier took his turn next but suffered an injury less than 20 seconds into his attempt. The 65 year old legend was given a lot of respect and applause by the crowd in attendance but Magnusson leaves Wembley as the winner on this day.

Featured image: @jerrypritchettstrongman on Instagram