Hafthor Bjornsson: Iceland’s Strongest Man “Likely My Last Strongman Show”

“The Mountain” also reports having single digit body fat.

The 2020 Arnold Strongman Classic victory and setting the world record deadlift at 501kg/1,104lb hasn’t been enough for Hafthor Bjornsson.

As he shared recently, he is preparing for the 2020 Iceland’s Strongest Man (ISM) contest which takes place on August 8th and 9th. If he wins it, it would be his 10th title. In his latest YouTube video, Bjornsson shared both training and physique updates. The physique update in the title and the announcement he made really stand out.

According to Bjornsson, he 6% body fat and 2020 ISM will likely be his last strongman contest.


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The first noteworthy item is the title of the video is “The Mountain! Log lift & Giant Dumbbell! Body weight 407 lbs. 6 percent body fat…On my forearm….”

Based on images he had shared on social media recently, Bjornsson certainly looks leaner and even has developed abs, which is impressive for a man his size. However, the video doesn’t show his weight or the measuring of his body fat. So it’s not clear how the test was done. If his body fat was measured by calipers on his arm, then there would need to be more measurements done to determine his actual body fat. 

Bjornsson made another profound statement while speaking about his preparation for 2020 ISM. He announced that it may be his final strongman contest. At the 4:55 mark in the video, he explained his reasoning has to do with his 2021 fight with Eddie Hall.

This will most likely be my last strongman show. The reason for that is because I know, well, to prepare myself for a major big show means I have to be super heavy and super strong. That’s going to be a difficult test to do while preparing for my boxing match. That’s not going to mix together very well. But I will be able to do this show because it’s close and I don’t need to be at my fully best to still win.”

If this is his final contest, then his career would be one worthy of recognition as an all-time great. To date, Bjornsson is a nine-time Iceland champion, five-time Europe’s Strongest Man, three-time Arnold Strongman Classic Champion, 2018 World’s Ultimate Strongman Champion, and 2018 World’s Strongest Man. He’s the first man to hold all three of those latter titles in his career.

As for the training in the video, Bjornsson performed the log lift, completing a top weight of 152 kg (335 pounds) for three single rep sets. He also did the giant dumbbell press. The video showed him completing three reps with an 82 kg (181 pound) weight. This was followed by accessory exercises like the flat dumbbell press, triceps pressdowns, dumbbell rows, and lat pulldowns.

Featured Image: Instagram/@thorbjornsson