Hafthor Bjornsson Wins Arnold Classic Strongman Brazil

Big Z may have won in Columbus, but Thor could not be denied for long. After an impressive victory in Australia, Hafthor Bjornsson has made it back-to-back victories in international strongman competition with a win at the Arnold Classic Strongman Brazil. Zydrunas Savickas placed second, followed by Krzysztof Radzikowski in third.

Arnold himself was in attendance to crown the Brazil event’s champion.

Hafthor performed well in some of his signature events, including the super yoke, where he blasted down the 30 meter course with 470 kilos on his back. Check out his technique and timing in dumping the weight after crossing the finish line; moving too fast or stopping too suddenly could mean over 1,000 pounds crashing on the back of your neck, but Thor’s mastered the combination of pacing, endurance, and speed necessary for this event.

470kg Super Yoke for 30m. I took 1st place!

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That event was backed by solid finishes across several events. Thor also found time to take over Schwarzenegger’s Instagram account, which included the world’s heaviest six-pack selfie.

185kg’s/407lbs with a fatty six pack. Boom baby! – @thorbjornsson

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It was a big week for Hafthor, who released a viral ad (backed by SodaStream) for April Fools’ product Heavy Bubbles. That publicity momentum should continue for the Icelandic strongman, who will reprise his roll on Games of Thrones season 6, set to air starting this month.