Powerlifter Heather Connor Deadlifts 200 Kilograms/440 Pounds At 45.6KG Bodyweight

She got her goal before 2020 ended.

Back in November, two-time IPF 47 kg World Champion Heather Connor had set a goal of deadlifting 200 kg (440 pounds), which would be a never-before-matched feat among drug-tested women at her bodyweight. On November 28th, the powerlifter shared a video showing that she didn’t quite reach that number, but still pulled an impressive 192.5 kg (424 pounds) that day. She had vowed in the post that she would eventually reach her 200 kg goal before the end of 2020.

Fast forward to New Year’s Eve, and Connor made good on her commitment. On December 31st, she posted a video on her Instagram of her pulling the goal weight. She had listed on the post seen below that she weighed 45.6 kg (100 pounds) during the attempt.


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“200 kg/440 lbs. PR. I said I’d pull 200 kg/440 lbs. by the end of 2020 and here we are! BW: 45.6/100.”

The weight appeared to move at a consistent speed from start to finish. She used a sumo stance as she did in her previous attempt. It’s the second time in the last six weeks she had set a new PR on the deadlift. Based on those numbers, Connor pulled 4.4 times her bodyweight.

This new number is 15.1 kg (32.2 pounds) greater than her American record of 184.9 kg (407.8 pounds) that she pulled at the 2020 USAPL Palmetto Classic in South Carolina on September 26th.

According to Open Powerlifting, she is the only woman in the 105 pound class to have pulled over 400 pounds in competition. Had that been an international event, she would have the official world record.

In fact, Connor’s 200kg lift is more than 20 pounds over any competition deadlift ever made in her bodyweight category. For perspective on how much progress she has made since that meet, she posted another video on her Instagram on December 24th of her performing a paused deadlift of the same weight.


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As of this writing, there is still no word on what her next planned meet will be. Whatever it is, she is surely going to add onto her current American record.

Featured Image: Instagram/heather.e.connor