How to Watch the 2016 CrossFit Games Regionals

It’s time for Regionals, and while it took awhile, CrossFit HQ has officially announced how to watch the competitions on line. And it’s good news, because all events at every 2016 Regional will be streamed online at

And it’s all free on the Games site, including archives posted after the fact.

The information on how to watch wasn’t released until the evening of Tuesday, May 10th, which had plenty of fans worried coverage might be tough to come by. And with the first Regional weekend starting Friday, May 13th, even the official CrossFit Games Twitter account was poking fun at the relative lack of info. Seriously, how do we watch the 2016 CrossFit Regionals?

But everyone — regardless of country location, as long as you have a reliable internet connection — will be able to see every heat of every Regional, both Individual and Team. All footage will be archived on the CrossFit Games site in case you miss any of the action. Archived footage of Week 1 (California, Pacific, and South) is already viewable on the site.

In some cases, Regionals will overlap in timing, so the archived footage will make it possible to go back and watch heats you may have missed the first time.

Last year’s streams were pretty reliable (all things considered), with multiple camera angles and clear(ish) shots of every event. The level of expertise from the color commentators was probably the most variable factor, with some being hands-down awesome (Pacific) while other Regional audio coming across as extremely low-energy.

Photo above from SuperCleary.

It’s worth it to mark your weekend viewing calendars. To that end, CrossFit has published a handy calendar that standardizes live coverage to Pacific time. It also integrates with Google Calendar so you can figure out exactly when you need to make up excuses not to go out with friends (or figure out if it’s worth calling in sick to work over the next few Fridays).

The CrossFit Games site has also published Week 2 heat and start times, which you can find below: