How to Watch the 2016 NPGL Season

The 2016 GRID season is just around the corner. Beginning August 17, all eight teams will gather in Provo, Utah, to face off in a two week long tournament. With 15 matches packed into those two weeks, there’s a lot of action to keep track of. Will the DC Brawlers win to make it a three-peat? Will any of the Gridmaster’s predictions come true?

We’ve known for a while now that we would be able to somehow watch all the matches, but now we know exactly how it’s going to work. All 15 matches will be streamed live on GridTV…but only for subscribers. The first 500 fans to sign up for the season pass will get access to the live matches and unlimited replays for $19.99, which means you’re looking at about $1.33 per match. The price goes up $10 after the first 500 sign-ups, so it pays to get in early. Additionally, all season pass holders will be entered into a contest with prizes like an Eleiko barbell, Nike Metcons, and team apparel.

Though the pay-per-view style of streaming may not be ideal, keep in mind that all of the proceeds from subscriptions are going straight to the athletes. Athlete flights and accommodations are covered, and every athlete who races gets paid whether or not the team wins or loses. While we’re certainly not talking about football and baseball sized contracts, every little bit helps these athletes keep doing what they’re doing.

The League has also confirmed that the subscription proceeds will go into a pool that benefits all athletes, meaning the athletes on teams that get knocked out early will still benefit.

Also note that some of the matches will be available for network viewing at a later date. The League hasn’t told us exactly when it will happen or what network it will be on, but we do know it will happen.

Featured Image: National Pro Grid League (@gridleague)