Watch Jesus Olivares Crush an 855lb Squat PR at 21 Years Old

Olivares showing off his gains in the gym!

Jesus Olivares will be 22 years old in a fortnight. His time as a 21-year-old was jam packed with double-take worthy lifts like the time he deadlifted 388.5kg/857lb in a barn gym, or that memorable moment when showed off his cardio by casually squatting 302.5kg/667lb for eight reps

Olivares decided that before he leaves his 21st year behind forever, he needed to smash at least one more squat personal record — a monstrous 387.7kg/855lb.

A week prior to this lift, Olivares’ bodyweight was in the range of 338-340lb. Check it out below from his Instagram page, which he posted on Memorial Day:

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“You must surpass your limits or die!”

This is an 8kg/18lb PR for Olivares, who most recently competed in the 120+kg weight class last December at the United States Powerlifting (USAPL) Winter Iron Open. He claimed gold at that event, making his competition best squat of 340kg/749.5lb. So in five months, Olivares added 48kg/105.5lb to his PR. Olivares summed that up pretty well in his own words:

“Not too shabby.”

Not too shabby at all.

This new PR comes just three weeks after he hit his previous squat PR of 380kg/837lbs, which was 4.5kg/10lb heavier than his PR before that. Check that lift out below:

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Olivares has posted about how he has been incorporating a lot of accessory work into his training to improve upon his big three lifts, including bro favorites like push-ups and dumbbell bicep curls.

So, he’s turning 22 soon. If his unreal performance as a 21-year-old is any indicator of what we can expect from him going forward, then we’re excited see the kinds of PRs in his future. 

Feature image from Jesus Olivares’ Instagram page: @megatronus_65