Powerlifter Jordanne Panton Deadlifts 25kg Over Junior World Record

Panton takes the spotlight and hits a huge unofficial junior world record.

Jordanne Panton is a 20-year-old powerlifter who competes in the -63kg weight class and has been a dominant force in the division since her competitive debut at age 14. According to Open Powerlifting, of the twenty sanctioned events Panton has appeared in, she has stood atop the podium in fifteen of them.

She further displayed her powerlifting prowess when she shared a video on her Instagram page of her not only hitting a 210kg/463lb deadlift personal record, but then immediately topping it with a personal best 220kg/485lb unofficial International Powerlifting Federation (IPF) junior world record pull. Check out both lifts performed raw without straps below:

Note: the 220kg/485lb lift is first and the 210kg/463lb lift is second.


“Oh my god!”

After dropping the weight, Panton smiles and giggles as though she even surprised herself with that lift.

According to the IPF, their world records were updated on February 13, 2020. The current world record in the junior -63kg class is a 195kg/430lb deadlift by Suzanne Daniel of Great Britain that was successfully lifted on February 12th, 2019 at the European Classic Powerlifting Championships. This means that Panton’s 220kg/485lb deadlift is a full 25kg/55lb above the current junior world record. For context, the current IPF world record is a 221.5kg/488lb deadlift by Samantha Calhoun of the United States at the 2018 IPF 6th World Championships.

This feat of strength by Panton should not come as a surprise to anyone familiar with her competitive resume in the teenage divisions. She currently holds the the IPF world record for the deadlift (185kg/408lb) and total (375kg/827lb) in the teenage 13-15 division.


Panton’s next competition will be the IPF World Classic Powerlifting Championships beginning on September 24th. Considering that leaves Panton over five months left to train, we expect she will call for some very large weights on the bar.

Feature image from Jordanne Panton’s Instagram page: @jordannepanton