Julie Abilgaard Wins Open Workout 16.4, Is Probably Still Going Team

After a bit of mystery and some delay on video verification, Danish athlete Julie Abildgaard has emerged victorious on Open workout 16.4 with 318 reps. Check out Abildgaard’s performance below, which includes a pretty epic ending that makes top CrossFit athletes look just a little bit more human:

As of this posting, Abildgaard is currently in 16th place overall on the worldwide CrossFit Open leaderboard. Her winning score on 16.4 was two reps ahead of Sara Sigmundsdottir, who redid the workout after her performance at the Open announcement to end with 316 reps.

While Sigmundsdottir is a well-known name among CrossFit fans — she finished third at the 2015 Reebok CrossFit Games after leading the field for a portion of the event — Abildgaard is less well-known, especially outside Europe. According to the CrossFit Games writeup, she’s a two-time Regionals competitor and went team last year, finishing 9th. She also appears to be planning on competing as a team member this year with Team CrossFit Copenhagen 1. We bet they’re pretty glad to have her.

Want more of Julie? Here’s a video of her hang snatching a smooth 90 kilos, courtesy of Weightlifting 101.

Follow Julie on Instagram here. She’s a pretty hilarious and prolific poster of fitness memes, and definitely worth your follow.