Weightlifter Katherine Nye Named to Forbes 30 Under 30

Kate Nye's decorated resume gets another huge accolade as she earns a spot on the Forbes 30 Under 30 list!

Kate Nye’s last two years have been nothing short of extraordinary. In this past year alone, she claimed gold at the 2019 IWF World Championships (the youngest American woman to ever win the title), the 2019 IWF Junior World Championships, and the Pan American Championships. She also took the bronze at the Pan American Games, all in the -71kg weight class.

Now, at just twenty years of age, she is on the Forbes 30 Under 30 List.

Nye stormed onto the international weightlifting scene in 2018 with a silver medal performance at the IWF Junior World Championships in the -69kg weight class. She returned to the IWF Championships the following year to compete in the -71kg and performed a 112kg (247lbs) snatch, setting a current junior world record, junior and senior American record, and Pan American record.

But Nye’s ascent to the top of the weightlifting world was not always easy. It required the mental fortitude to match her physical prowess. This past summer, Nye shared on her Instagram page that she had been diagnosed with bipolar II disorder and mild ADHD after seeking therapy for what she thought was depression. In her post she writes:

I felt weak for thinking I needed help, but honestly it has taken a weight off my shoulders knowing what I have to do to feel like a functioning human being. I’m excited for the future of having a healthy mind and body.

As Nye continues her training with Team Hercules, the slightly blimp of her diagnosis has not slowed her flourishing career in the sport. If anything, she has excelled.

She proceeded to put her dominance on display at the 2019 IWF World Championships and continues to hit new personal bests. Two weeks prior to that first place finish, she posted a PR 142kg (312lb) clean. And just two days ago, she shared a video of her front squatting 151kg (332lbs); over double her competition body weight.

Nye’s future plans are clear. In our interview with her, she said “I have my eyes on the prize, I want to go to the 2020 Tokyo Olympic Games.” She aims to compete in the -76kg weight class.

To qualify, an athlete needs to be ranked in the top four among all ten weight classes at the conclusion of the qualification process in April. Nye is currently ranked number one and her training for her next Olympic qualifying event appears to be going quite well.

Katherine Nye FAQs

Who is Katherine Nye?

Katherine Nye is an accomplished American weightlifter who competes in the women’s -71kg and -76kg weight classes.

How old is Katherine Nye?

Katherine Nye is 20 years old.

Who is Katherine Nye's coach?

Katherine Nye’s current coach is Josh Galloway who runs Team Hercules in Rochester, Michigan.

Feature image from Kate Nye’s Instagram page. @katherineenye