19 Year Old Keydomar Vallenilla Front Squats 280kg

The Junior clean & jerk world record holder in the -89kg class going huge in training!

You may not yet know much about Keydomar Vallenilla, but you probably should. The 19-year-old weightlifter from Venezuela, who competes in the -89kg weight class, holds the Junior clean & jerk world record with his 204kg/449.7lb lift from the 2018 World Weightlifting Championships in Ashgabat, Turkmenistan.

In a post he shared yesterday on his Instagram page, Vallenilla displayed the kind of strength that could very likely improve upon his record when hit an absolutely insane 280kg/617.3lb front squat3.1 times his competition bodyweight.

Check it out below:


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Vallenilla does not usually share his bodyweight on videos of lifts that he posts, but they are a still fairly good indication that his Junior clean & jerk world record is not long for this world if Vallenilla is able to compete on the world stage in the next year. Three weeks prior to this gigantic front squat, he posted a video of a successful 205kg/451.9lb clean & jerk with the caption “easy mode”.

Back towards the end of April, he took things even further when he hit a colossal 207kg/456.4lb clean & jerk. For context, the clean & jerk world record standard at -89kg is 216kg/476.2lb. Here’s that 207kg/456.4lb lift below courtesy of Vallenilla’s Instagram page:


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With all the talk of these clean & jerks in comparison to his Junior world record lift, you can see that one below via weightlifting.archive’s YouTube channel if you have not yet had the chance:

Note: Vallenilla’s Junior world record clean & jerk is at 1:18:57.


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With the 2020 Tokyo Olympic Games postponed until 2021 and the ongoing Coronavirus pandemic making any competitive event in 2020 face the possibility of postponement or cancelation, it is not clear when Vallenilla will have the opportunity to show off his gains.

We are certainly going to keep an eye on him when he does though, as the expectations have been raised.

Featured image from weightlifting.archive’s YouTube channel.