Lou Ferrigno Still Keeps His Abs Tight at Age 70

The Incredible Hulk still boasts a screen-worthy physique.

Maintaining one’s physique past middle age can undoubtedly be a challenge, particularly since recent research suggests that the human metabolism slows once someone reaches their sixties. However, that doesn’t stop former Mr. Universe and actor Lou Ferrigno from keeping his abs tight.

On Sept. 28, 2022, Ferrigno took to his Instagram page to pull his shirt up for a picture showcasing that his torso still looks like a washboard. The actor, likely best known for his role in The Incredible Hulk in the late 1970s through early 80s, displayed how he didn’t build an award-winning physique for the competition stage or the big screen but as his way of life.

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Ferrigno’s professional bodybuilding career spanned three decades, starting in 1971 with his appearance at the WBBG Pro Mr. America. He ranked first overall in the Teen division, according to Muscle Memory. That same year, he competed in the Teen Mr. America contest to a fourth-place finish.
In 1972, he competed twice — WBBG Pro Mr. America and NABBA Mr. Universe — and finished as the runner-up in both contests. 1973 proved to be a breakout year for Ferrigno. He won the IFBB Mr. America contest and the IFBB Mr. Universe contest.
“I’ve been training for 58 years. Proud to still be able to maintain my physique by staying dedicated at almost 71 years old.”
Ferrigno added an IFBB Mr. International victory to his resume in 1974 before defending his Mr. Universe title. 1974 also marked his Mr. Olympia debut, where he ranked second overall to Arnold Schwarzenegger
Ferrigno also competed only the Mr. Olympia contest in 1975 — scoring the bronze behind Serge Nubret and defending champion Schwarzenegger in the heavyweight class. Ferrigno was absent from the bodybuilding stage until 1992 when he returned to the Olympia to finish in 12th place. He ranked 10th in 1993 and second in the Olympia Masters division in 1994.
Per IMDB, Ferrigno has 70 acting credits to his name and is currently filming The Hermit as the titular character, directed by Salvatore Sclafani.

Featured image: @theofficiallouferrigno on Instagram