Luke Stoltman Sets British Record with 221kg/487 Pound Log Press, Rob Kearney Injured in Attempt

Rob Kearney suffered an injury, and Zydrunas Savickas’ record still stands.

The latest edition of World Ultimate Strongman’s “Feat of Strength” series showcased two of the elite strongmen in the world going after a long-standing world record: the Log Press record that going in was sitting at 228 kg (502 pounds). The man who set that mark in 2015, Zydrunas Savickas, served as the judge for the event. The two men trying to claim the record as their own were current American record holder Rob Kearney and Luke Stoltman, who was the last man to attempt to break the record.

As the contest came to a close, Stoltman set a new British record with a lift of 221 kg (487 pounds), but was unable to claim the world record. Kearney unfortunately suffered what appeared to be a triceps injury and was unable to finish the competition. The event was broadcasted on the CoreSports website, the Rogue Fitness YouTube channel, and on ESPN2.

Graham Hicks was also supposed to be a part of this online competition, but he had to withdraw due to a wrist injury. Stoltman had been dealing with a shoulder injury, but feels he has recovered enough to take on the task of going for the record. Kearney, meanwhile, is hoping to build on the momentum he established setting the new American mark at 475 pounds (215 kg).

He also won the title of “pound for pound strongest man in the world” which was determined by Official Strongman. In a recent video posted on Instagram, the “World’s Strongest Gay” pressed 480 pounds (218.2 kg) in training.

Kearney was performing his lifts in Massachusetts while the older Stoltman was at his gym in Scotland. Tom Stoltman was supporting and assisting his older brother at his location while Kearney had his own team helping him. This event served as a rematch of sorts for the two men. They faced off at the 2019 World’s Strongest Man in the Atlas Stones “last man standing” event. Stoltman was able to win that event to move on to the finals.

After the warm-up lifts were completed, Kearney opened by trying to break his American record by lifting 485 pounds (220 kg), but was unsuccessful. Stoltman committed his first attempt to the British record by lifting 487 pounds (221 kg), and it was successful.

Kearney took a second opportunity at the 485 pounds, and this was when the injury occurred. It appeared to happen during the press attempt. After dropping the log, he grabbed his left arm, and immediately walked away from the platform. It was speculated by the announcers to be a triceps injury. Kearney himself came to the same conclusion by saying “I think it’s gone.” He stated that he was going to see a doctor immediately for further evaluation.

As for Stoltman, his second and third official attempts were when he went for the world record of 230 kg (507 pounds), but failed. Savickas expressed support for Stoltman afterwards, but for now he keeps his world record. Stoltman went on to state afterwards that he was going to take a break from this record, and focus on the 2020 World’s Strongest Man contest this November.

Featured Image: Instagram/worldsultimatestrongman