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Odd Haugen BarBend Podcast

He’s the Visegrip Viking (w/Odd Haugen)

Today I’m talking to strength icon Odd Haugen, who’s decades-long career in strength is the stuff of legend. Originally from Norway, he’s an accomplished champion powerlifter and fitness entrepreneur who’s owned and operated some of the most storied gyms in...

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Join the Smartest Minds In Strength

Learn from the top athletes, coaches, and influencers in strength! Each week, BarBend Editor and Co-Founder David Thomas Tao sits down with the strength community’s smartest and strongest minds to get their thoughts on training, competition, and coaching. World record holders share their competition secrets. Coaches give their favorite tips. And top thinkers and researchers from the realm of strength science go deep on their most promising findings.

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Steph Hammerman Podcast

Throwing Down the Hammer (with Steph Hammerman)

Today we’re talking to athlete and coach Steph Hammerman, better known online as Steph the Hammer. Steph was born with cerebral palsy, and since discovering CrossFit years ago, she’s been a prominent force

Bill Grundler BarBend Podcast

How to Breathe Fire (with Bill Grundler)

Today we’re talking to Bill Grundler, a coach, athlete, and media personality who’s been one of CrossFit’s most visible personalities for nearly a decade. Bill also owns CrossFit Inferno and co-hosts the Get

Haley Shapley BarBend Podcast

History’s Strongest Women (with Haley Shapley)

Today we’re talking to writer and journalist Haley Shapley, the author of Strong Like Her. Published earlier in 2020, Strong Like Her is an examination and celebration of women’s athleticism and strength throughout