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Jordan Feigenbaum Podcast

Dr. Jordan Feigenbaum: What We Get Wrong About Pain

Jordan Feigenbaum is an accomplished powerlifter and strength coach and the founder of Barbell Medicine. In 2016, Feigenbaum received his doctorate of medicine from the Eastern Virginia Medical School and has grown Barbell

Sarah Furman

Sarah Furman: Finding Unconventional Strength

David TaoSarah Furman is a figure competitor turned strongman athlete who has witnessed firsthand the sport’s massive growth in the United States. We talk training for looks versus performance, the factors attracting more

Russel Orhii Podcast

Russel Orhii: Powerlifting’s Next Big Thing

Powerlifter Russel Orhii is rewriting the record books and making us rethink what’s possible in his sport. And it’s all happened in a few short years. Find out what makes Russel tick, where he

Nick Shaw

Nick Shaw: Building a Nutrition Empire

What fuels athletes like Rich Froning, Annie Thorisdottir, and Mattie Rogers? Hint: It’s nutrition, backed by science. In under five years, Nick Shaw built Renaissance Periodization from an upstart seller of diet templates

Craig Lindell

Craig Lindell: Can We Fix Physical Therapy?

Craig Lindell set out to help people move better; building a global following of more than 500,000 followers almost happened by accident. As one third of “The Prehab Guys,” Craig has become one

Jake Boly Powerbuilding

Jake Boly: The Ultimate Guide to Powerbuilding

This podcast was brought to you in paid partnership with Gravitus. We receive commissions on purchases made through our Gravitus program links. See our disclosure page for details. As BarBend’s Fitness Editor, Jake Boly has

Phil Andrews Podcast

Phil Andrews: What’s Next for USA Weightlifting

Phil Andrews has been CEO of USA Weightlifting since early 2016. Under his leadership, America has broken long Olympic and World Championship medal droughts, established itself as an international weightlifting contender, and grown

Silent Mike

The Life and Times of Silent Mike

Silent Mike broke new ground in the world of fitness content. From the early days putting his life and training online with Mark Bell and Super Training Gym to a successful podcasting career,