Portugal Pro Bodybuilding Results: Mohamed Shaaban Wins

Shaaban takes surprising victory and Olympia qualification.

When you look at a bodybuilding lineup for a pro show, you might see the biggest names and predict that one of them will take the victory. This is especially true if you only see one or two big names and the rest of the field are not as well known. However, the most notable athlete doesn’t always win. Occasionally someone will shock the field and the audience and take the victory. We had such an occasion at the Mr. Big Evolution Portugal Pro event this past weekend.

Winner: Mohamed Shaaban


This was Shaaban’s second pro contest of his career. He placed 3rd in Romania in 2018. Outside of Shaaban himself and his close supporters, no one saw him taking the victory at this event. He wasn’t the largest man onstage but he was ripped and confident which are also big factors when you are facing the judges. They had him in first place in prejudging and the finals so he was the clear winner in their eyes.

2nd – Lukas Osladil

This was Osladil’s third contest this month. He placed 4th in Chicago and 3rd in Vancouver. While he hasn’t won a show this season, his high placings are adding to the season points system. He will likely have secured enough points to be able to compete in the Olympia. If he wanted to win a show before then, his final chance will be at Tampa in the beginning of August.

3rd – Iain Valliere

Valliere competed for the 3rd time this season but he wasn’t as good here as he was in Toronto where he placed second. His conditioning wasn’t as good and he appeared to be holding water. Unlike Osladil, he would have to win in Tampa should he choose to compete there in order to move on to the big show in Las Vegas.

4th – Florian Poirson

Outside of Shaaban’s surprise victory, Poirson was another person who raised eyebrows. He won the amateur show and earned his pro status just the day before. He wasted no time in making his pro debut and within 24 hours, had his first Top 5 pro finish. When he gets more experience and training under his belt, he can be a serious player in the next season or two.

5th – Samson Dauda

The UK native has been following Osladil this month and also competed in his third show of July. He was better here than in his previous two outings but the judges saw him in 5th in both rounds of judging. This is only his fourth pro show and is improving as he progresses.

Other Notes

The other men’s divisions in action included the Classic Physique which was won by Kyrylo Khudaiev of the Ukraine and Men’s Physique which had Kuwait’s Ali Jafar take first place.

There were three women’s divisions at this show as well. Bruna Miyagui won the Figure event, Francesca Stoico was victorious in Bikini, and Women’s Physique was won by Ivie Rhein.

The last show for Open men to qualify for the Olympia is the Tampa Pro which is taking place August 1st -4th in Tampa, Florida. Former Mr. Olympia Dexter Jackson will be in the lineup and is considered the early favorite to take the win.

Featured image: @shaaban_ifbbpro on Instagram