Rich Yun Cruises To A New Paused Deadlift Rep PR

Yun pulled 265kg/585lb for six and is finding his stride with high volume training.

Rich Yun, also known as “The Korean Hulk”, shared a post on his Instagram page of a video that showed him flying through a paused deadlift set with 265kg/585lb on the bar for six. The 23-year-old Yun competes in the -83kg weight class, so it is no small feat to pull over three times his competition body weight for a set of six paused reps.

Yun managed to do it smoothly through five reps before needing to re-adjust his grip on the sixth to lock in a new paused rep personal best. Check out Yun’s entire set below:

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“Think my body is getting used to all these higher reps.”

Higher rep workouts have become the norm for Yun recently in what appears to be his home gym. About a week ago, he shared a video of him pulling 224.5kg/495lb for a huge ten reps for another rep PR.

If you have not yet seen that set, which took place on his birthday, you can check it out below courtesy of Yun’s Instagram page:

“Never done anything more than 8 reps for conventional. Guess my cardio is pretty good.”

Judging by the progression of his results, the volume work has been a key to success for Yun. Earlier this month, Yun hit yet another paused rep PR โ€” this one being 272kg/600lb for a set of five. See that set below also from his Instagram page:

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“On a better day I probably could have done 7-8, but anything over 3 I just gas the f*ck out. My conditioning needs to get better.”

Yun took the idea that he needed to improve his conditioning pretty seriously considering he has been hitting a new rep PR on a weekly basis throughout the month of April. We hope he can keep it up โ€” his current cardio suggests he can.

Feature image from Rich Yun’s Instagram page:@thekoreanhulk