Strongman Anthony Pernice Sets Silver Dollar Deadlift World Record of 550kg/1212.5lb

History was made at the United States Strongman Farm Strong Record Breaker event!

Anthony Pernice is a strongman who just set a new silver dollar deadlift world record of an absolutely colossal 550kg/1212.5lb.

The lift took place on July 25th as part of the United States Strongman (USS) Farm Strong Record Breaker event. For those unfamiliar, a silver dollar deadlift, likely more commonly known as a 18-inch deadlift, is a partial deadlift. 

For Pernice’s lift, he had calibrated plates stacked on top of each other on weight posts housed inside steel box frames that were attached to a barbell. If you have not yet seen the new world record lift, you can check it out below courtesy of Pernice’s Instagram page:


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For a fuller history of the silver dollar deadlift, which we break down further in this article, check out the video below which highlights how the world record got to where it currently is:

Back in October 2017, the 18-inch deadlift world record was set by 2017 World’s Strongest Man (WSM) champion Eddie Hall. He performed the partial deadlift with giant crates filled with copies of his book Strongman that equated to 536kg/1,181.7lb. Check out that lift below:

Prior to Hall, the record was held by Tom MacGee of Canada with a weight of 535kg/1,180lb. MacGee’s barbell was attached to iron framed boxes each loaded with a giant block of bricks. You can see a clip of that lift below from James Civic’s YouTube Channel:

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Pernice would go on to best Hall’s record two years later with a pull of 539.7kg/1,190lb in October 2019. Unlike Macgee and Hall before him, Pernice performed his lift using a barbell, calibrated plates, and boxes instead of the more gimmicky weights of strongman days of old. Check out that lift from Strongman Corporation’s Facebook page below:

Although he just set a world record on Saturday, Pernice is already back in the gym training for the Strongman Corporation’s 2020 North American National Championships set to take place on October 15-17th in Montgomery, Alabama.

Featured image from Anthony Pernice’s Instagram page: @anthony_kystrong