The Top 5 Powerlifting Women to Watch in 2021

Keep your eye on these strong women in powerlifting.

2020 was a year of chaos for athletes all across the world. With events being canceled and gyms forced to close their doors, athletes were obligated to find new ways to train. Some athletes were able to train in the comfort of their own home, while some got really creative and built their equipment to not only show their dedication but also showing us that you can train with just about anything.

As the months went by, gyms started to reopen in certain countries and states. Competitions started to happen under stricter guidelines, and certain individuals showed up to the occasion and didn’t disappoint.

Whether it be an actual competition or a mock meet, here are my top five women powerlifters that I believe will be a huge threat leading into 2021.

In no particular order, let’s begin.

5. Cameron Brown

While being just a Junior in the sport of powerlifting, Cameron Brown is not one you want to miss out on. Recently competing at the “Winter Wrecker” in Virginia, Cameron managed to put up some very impressive numbers and set a new Junior American Record in the Squat (182.5kgs/402lbs) and Total (475kgs/1047.18lbs). Cameron has recently posted heavy hitting numbers in training letting us all know…she’s not done just yet.


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4. Michelle Akpala

I found Michelle Akpala while scrolling on the “King of the Lifts” Instagram page, and couldn’t believe that I had never seen her before – especially with the numbers she is putting up! Michelle was fortunate enough to compete at the Arnold Sports Festival back in March of 2020 in the “Battle of the Regions” event prior to the shutdowns and put on quite the show!

She totaled 470kgs/1036.16lbs by squatting 165kgs/363lbs, benching 77.5kgs/170.8lbs and deadlifting 227.5kgs/501.5lbs!

She has since gone to pull 222.5kgs/490lbs for a set of 2 AND a single at 230kgs/507lbs! 

3. Hunter Henderson

Hunter Henderson had a breakthrough performance recently at “The Showdown” back in September and is looking to make some big moves leading into 2021! Like most have probably seen with her, her progress has been phenomenal. She broke a World Record on her 2nd attempt squat of 240kgs/529lbs, and then benched 145kgs/319lbs and deadlifted 252.5kgs/556lbs while barely missing 262.5kgs/578lbs (which would have tied the current World Record).

We expect to see some big lifts coming from her and more records broken in 2021 from Hunter! 

2. Noémie Allabert


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Hailing from Troyes, France, Noémie Allabert has been putting up HUGE numbers all in the luxury of her living room! Noémie went from competing as a 47kg/103.6lb IPF powerlifter to a 52kg/114lb threat! Right before lockdown in 2019 Noémie competed in the European Classic in Kaunas where she claimed the 52kg European crown and letting not just Europe know, but everyone tuning in that she’s got a lot to prove! 

Noémie as went on to do a mock meet and squatted 157.5kgs/347.2lbs, benched 85kgs/187.4lbs and deadlifted 180kgs/390lbs for a total of 422.5/931.5lbs! That just 10 kilograms shy of the Open World Record total held by Joy Nnamani!

1. Anna Pardzhiani 

Another Junior, Anna Pardzhiani has made some huge progress in her training leading up to competitions that have started back in Russia! She squatted 210kgs/462lbs at 74.7kg bodyweight, setting a new WRPF Europe Record with plenty left in the tank!


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Anna also came away with benching 125kgs/275lbs and deadlifting 207.5kgs/457.5lbs setting a new WRPF Europe record in total as well! She has since gone to squat 205kgs/451.9lbs for 2 in training and deadlifting 190kgs/418lbs for 9.

Fast gains for Anna mean she has big numbers coming in 2021, and we can’t wait to see it!

Featured image: @noemieallabert on Instagram