USA Weightlifting Nationals Day 1 Recap (and Derrick Johnson’s Double Bodyweight Snatch)

Day 1 of the USA Weightlifting Senior National Championships is a wrap after a long first day of action in Salt Lake City. The highlight of today’s action was easily the new American Record Derrick Johnson set in the snatch, where he was successful with 124KG (273lb) in the 62KG (136lb) weight category. His double bodyweight snatch makes him one of only a handful of American athletes who have accomplished this feat. As always, he looked very stylish as he sported his ShapeShifterz lifting attire.

Check out Derrick Johnson’s record breaking snatch here.

Unfortunately, that was the highlight of Johnson’s day. He was unsuccessful in the clean & jerk with three attempts at 150KG (330lbs), and did not post a total. This lift would have given him the required total to earn him a spot on the Pan American Team, where the American men will go in order to try and secure one Olympic spot for this summer’s Olympic Games in Rio.

American Record holder Darren Barnes (East Coast Gold) won his 4th National Title in the 56KG weight class. He successfully lifted 110KG (242lb) in the snatch. He finished with his opening attempt of 130KG (286lb) in the clean & jerk for a total of 240KG (528lb). Barnes was unsuccessful with attempts of 137KG (301lb) and 140Kg (308lb), which would have set new American Records in the Clean & Jerk and Total.  They also would have earned him placement on the Pan American Team if successful.

Junior age group lifter Jacob Horst (Garage Strength) won his first Senior National Championship after competing four of his six attempts in the 62KG category. He finished with a 106KG (233lb) snatch, 132KG (290lb) clean & jerk, 238KG (524lb) Total.  What makes it more impressive is that he won out of the B session, and 9 other athletes had higher entry totals than him.

In the woman’s 48KG (105lb) weight class, Hayley Reichardt (Garage Strength),started the day with a new youth American record in the snatch. She successfully made 70KG (154lb) on her final attempt. Reichardt went on to set both youth and junior American records in the clean and jerk at 87KG (191lb). Her total of 157Kg (345lb) set a new youth American record in the category total.

Also at 48kg, Megan Seegert (Hassle Free BBC) surpassed Reichardt in the snatch to set a new junior American record at 73KG (160lb). She also totaled at 157KG (345lb) to set a new junior American record in the category total.

Medals were only awarded in the 56KG (123lb) and 62KG (136lb) men’s categories today. This is because all the other categories (both men and women) have athletes who will be competing on Sunday evening in the Trials Sessions.  After the Trials, the medals for Snatch, Clean & Jerk, and Total will be presented in those weight classes.

Men’s 56KG


  • Gold – Darren Barnes (East Coast Gold) 110KG
  • Silver – Brey Kobashigawa (Team Hawaii) 110KG
  • Bronze – Andrew Cheung (Sense Gym Weightlifting) 95KG

Clean & Jerk

  • Gold – Darren Barnes (East Coast Gold) 130KG
  • Silver – Brian Reisenauer (Mash Mafia Weightlifting) 123KG
  • Bronze – Andrew Cheung (Sense Gym Weightlifting) 120KG


  • Gold – Darren Barnes (East Coast Gold) 240KG
  • Silver – Brey Kobashigawa (Team Hawaii 215KG
  • Bronze – Andrew Cheung (Sense Gym Weightlifting) 215KG

* Brey won the tie breaking criteria of lower body weight

Men’s 62KG


  • Gold – Derrick Johnson (Texas Barbell Club) 124KG
  • Silver – Jacob Horst (Garage Strength) 106KG
  • Bronze – Dean Otsuka (LBH of NYC Dept of Parks) 102KG

Clean & Jerk

  • Gold – Jacob Horst (Garage Strength) 132KG
  • Silver – Kenny Wilkins (Force Praxium) 131KG
  • Bronze – Dillon Casillas (Performance One) 129KG


  • Gold – Jacob Horst (Garage Strength) 238KG
  • Silver – Dillon Casillas (Performance One) 229KG
  • Bronze – Gabe Dawson (Wesley Weightlifting) 228KG