Powerlifter Vladimir Zhadenov Squats All-Time World Record 324 Kilograms at 75KG

Weighing 74.2 kilograms, Zhadenov hit the heaviest squat ever in his weight class by a single kilo.

The all-time world record squat in the 75-kilogram class held for five years. According to Open Powerlifting, Ukraine’s Arkadiy Shalokha hit a 323-kilogram (712.1-pound) squat at the 2015 Global Powerlifting Alliance (GPA) World Cup. That was the all-time world record until the 2021 GPA Eastern European Championship in Volzhsky, Russia, on April 4.

Vladimir Zhadenov of Russia squatted a new all-time world record of 324 Kilograms (714.3 Pounds) at a bodyweight of 74.2 kilograms (163.5 pounds). Here were his stats from the event:

  • Squat 324 kilograms (714.3 pounds) — all-time world record
  • Bench Press 180 kilograms (396.8 pounds)
  • Deadlift 250 kilograms (551.2 pounds)
  • Total — 754 kilograms (1,662.3 pounds)

The new world record squat was 4.3 times his bodyweight. He performed the lift raw with wraps. If you have not yet seen the record squat, you can check it out in the video below, courtesy of Zhadenov’s Instagram page. Each sleeve of the barbell held six weight plates, and he performed the lift in a monolift so no walk-out was required.


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Insanely happy with my performance!

Shalokha scored his world record squat just one month after Tom Kallas hit his world record 322.5-kilogram (711-pound) squat at 75 kilograms. That should give context as to just how heavy these lifts are. In just over five years, the world record squat has been held by three different people within a kilo and a half of each lift.

According to Zhadenov’s post caption, scoring the world record actually negatively affected the rest of his performance because of how excited he was. After hitting a 180-kilogram (396.8-pound) bench press, he called for 195 kilograms (429.9 pounds) on the bar, which was too large of a leap — “this is my only mistake!”


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Zhadenov did not disclose when he plans to compete next as he takes time to recover from his prep from this meet. If recent history is any indicator, he should be able to rest easy with the belief that his new squat world record will be exceptionally tough to beat.

Featured image from Vladimir Zhadenov’s Instagram page: @zhadenov001