How to Watch the 2016 Russian Weightlifting Championships

If you want to watch one of the world’s top weightlifting federations hold a stacked national championships, you’re in luck: The Russian Weightlifting Championships are streaming for free on YouTube. The stream is embedded below:

The event runs from May 24th through May 29th in Vladikavkaz. According to the Russian Weightlifting Federation’s website, lifting will follow the schedule below. 156 lifters are scheduled to participate:

Tuesday, May 24th

W48kg — 12:00
M56kg — 15:00
M62kg — 18:00

Wednesday, May 25th

W53kg — 11:00
W58kg — 14:00
M69kg — 17:00

Thursday, May 26th

W63kg — 11:00
W69kg — 14:00
M77kg — 17:00

Friday, May 27th

W75kg — 11:00
W+75kg — 14:00
M85kg — 17:00

Saturday, May 28th

M94kg — 14:00
M105kg — 17:00

Sunday, May 29th

M+105kg — 12:00




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