How to Watch the 2020 CrossFit Mayhem Classic, Plus the Full Schedule!

Tune in live to watch top athletes compete in Cookeville, Tennessee!

This weekend, the first CrossFit Sanctionals competition for the 2020 leg of the competitive CrossFit season is kicking off in Cookeville, Tennessee. 

The 2020 CrossFit Mayhem Classic will be hosted at the legendary CrossFit Mayhem gym and led by none other than Rich Froning. For many fans and athletes vested in the sport of CrossFit, this Sanctionals competition has been one they’ve been looking forward to for quite some time due to the sheer amount of top athletes taking the competition floor. 

The official competition dates for this event will span from Saturday, January 11th through Sunday, January 12th. Athletes will compete on both days with the award ceremony taking place on Sunday afternoon. As with every Sanctionals competition, the top male and female will receive an invite to the 2020 CrossFit Games — there are no teams at this event.

How to Watch the CrossFit Mayhem Classic

If you’re interested in tuning in live to the CrossFit Mayhem Classic, then you’ll want to check out their YouTube channel, as they’ve stated on their Instagram page that the full competition will be streamed live for both day.

2020 CrossFit Mayhem Classic Schedule

To gain an idea of the events and the times for heats taking place over the course of Saturday and Sunday, then check out the Instagram post below. 


  • Event 3: 9 AM – 11:05
  • Event 4: 12:08 PM – 2:55 PM
  • Event 5: 3:54 PM – 5:31 PM


  • Event 6: 9 AM – 12:28 PM
  • Event 7: 1:20 PM – 4:35 PM

Catch Up On Other CrossFit Sanctionals

The CrossFit Mayhem Classic is the fifth Sanctionals competition to take place for the 2020 CrossFit Games season. This year, there are 28 Sanctionals in total, and if you’ve missed the prior four Sanctionals and their results, we’ve included them below!

Following the CrossFit Mayhem Classic, the CrossFit Strength In Depth Sanctionals will take place between January 24th-26th in London, United Kingdom.

CrossFit Mayhem Classic FAQs

When is the CrossFit Mayhem Classic?

The 2020 CrossFit Mayhem Classic Sanctionals competition is taking place January 11th and running through January 12th.

How can I watch the Mayhem Classic?

The CrossFit Mayhem Classic Sanctionals competition will be streamed live on the CrossFit Mayhem YouTube channel.

Feature image from @mayhemclassic Instagram page.