17.3 CrossFit Open Workout Announced

We’re another week closer to reaching the Reebok CrossFit® Games this August. Tonight marks the announce of workout 17.3, the third workout in the CrossFit Open. A lot has happened in the first two weeks including big name athletes withdrawing and 17.1 having an extension.

Tonight’s announcement is live from Alamo City CrossFit in San Antonio, Texas, and includes a triple athlete match-up consisting of Mat Fraser, Cole Sager, and Scott Panchik.

The CrossFit Open workout 17.3 is posted below along with this week’s rules. 

The Workout

Pairing: Chest to Bar Pull-Up / Squat Snatch 

The squat snatch weight for men and women are below and will be performed in a descending order. These weights correlate to the rounds below in their order.  

  • First Round: Squat Snatch 95 lb men, 65 lb women – 18 total reps
  • Second Round: Squat Snatch 135 lb men, 95 lb women – 15 total reps
  • Third Round: Squat Snatch 185 lb men, 135 lb women – 12 total reps
  • Fourth Round: Squat Snatch 225 lb men, 155 lb women – 9 total reps
  • Fifth Round: Squat Snatch 245 lb men, 175 lb women – 6 total reps
  • Sixth Round: Squat Snatch 265 lb men, 185 lb women – 3 total reps

The chest to bar pull-up totals are 18, 21, 24, 27, 30, 33 in an ascending order that increase as the rounds progress.

On the start of 3, 2, 1 the workout will look like the ladder below.  

Use the weights from the above ladder to correlate them to the rounds below. 

  • 3 Rounds: 6 chest to bar pull-ups – 6 squat snatches
  • 3 rounds: 7 chest to bar pull-ups – 5 squat snatches
  • If six rounds are completed in 8-minutes, then the athlete gains 4-minutes for the following round. 
  • 3 Rounds: 8 chest to bar pull-ups – 4 squat snatches
  • If finished in the following 4-minutes, then add four more minutes (12-minute mark). 
  • 3 Rounds: 9 chest to bar pull-ups – 3 squat snatches
  • If finished in the following 4-minutes, then add four more minutes (16-minute mark).
  • 3 Rounds: 10 chest to bar pull-ups – 2 squat snatches
  • If finished in the following 4-minutes, then add four more minutes (20-minute mark).
  • 3 Rounds: 11 chest to bar pull-ups – 1 squat snatches
  • If finished in the following 4-minutes, then add four more minutes (24-cap).

If an athlete can’t complete the workload in the time allotment, then their workout is finished and you’ll record the time and tally the total reps (216-total reps). The goal is to finish the workout in under 24-minutes and complete all of the reps.

Dumbbells were the stars of the first two weeks. As we patiently waited for the third announcement it was hard not to ponder what was up Castro’s sleeve next.

A post shared by @thedavecastro on

His Instagram 17.3 photo hint included cards laid out on a table, which gathered a ton of discussion. Check out the angel under the six of spades, it looks a lot like someone rowing or biking. Once again, Castro proves that even the best theories aren’t always the most accurate.

Feature image screenshot from CrossFit YouTube channel. 

Jake Boly

Jake Boly

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