17.4 CrossFit® Open Workout Announced

Two more weeks remain in the 2017 CrossFit® Open as we continue on the roller coaster ride these first three weeks brought. This week’s CrossFit Open workout 17.4 was announced live by Dave Castro in Mexico City.


Last week’s workout, 17.3, was by far the toughest one we’ve this Open. The snatch ladder cut a lot of athlete’s workouts short, but not for this soon to be teenager who topped Rich Froning Jr.’s score.

Beyond the Whiteboard performed a worldwide rundown and analysis on CrossFit athlete’s performances in 17.3. The article and analysis was shared on the CrossFit Games website and shows some crazy stats worth noting. They found that less than 2% of individual competitors made it to snatch weights at 245/175 lbs, and less than 1% made it to the final 265/185 lb load.

Those are crazy stats when thinking about the amount of athletes competing in the Open worldwide. How does this week’s workout compare? Check it out below; it’s a repeat of Open workout 16.4 from last year.

As always, athletes will start on a 3, 2, 1 countdown before beginning the workout.

As many rounds and reps in 13-minutes, an athlete must finish all 55-reps before moving to the next exercise. 

  • 55 deadlift – 225 lbs male/155 lb female
  • 55 wall balls – 20-lb ball male/14-lb female 
  • 55 calorie row
  • 55 handstand push-ups 

For full rulings and guidelines, check out the video below. 

This workout is a chance for athletes to test how much they’ve improved in a year. It’s also important for judges to record every rep and the time limit as to decide tiebreakers.

For this week’s CrossFit Open athlete match-up we’ll be seeing Brooke Wells (6th place in the 2016 Reebok CrossFit Games) take on Brenda Castro (fittest woman in Mexico) for 17.4. This will be the first time an athlete from Latin America will be partaking in a live Open athlete match-up.

This workout is going to tight match-up as both of these athletes excel in time oriented workout. Yet, Wells has better barbell strength, so will Castro be able compete? What do you think?

Feature image screenshot from CrossFit YouTube channel.