CrossFit® Open Workout 18.5 Announced

A first-of-its-kind vote. A grueling repeat. And one of the most star-studded CrossFit Open workout announcements in the event’s history.

Coming live from CrossFit Reykjavik in Iceland’s capital, Dave Castro was joined by two-time CrossFit Games champs Annie Thorisdottir and Katrin Davidsdottir along with multi-time Games podium finisher Sara Sigmundsdottir to announce a workout ultimately picked by the worldwide CrossFit community. It was a fitting end to one of the most exciting Opens in recent memory, with the announcement occurring in a nation that — despite its small size and population — has dominated the sport for years, especially on the women’s side.

In a surprise turn of events, Castro put 18.5 up for a community vote. Fans could vote for workouts 11.6, 13.5, or 14.2 in the comments of the CrossFit Games’ Facebook live post starting at 3pm PST on Thursday. Three repeats, three options, with chest-to-bar pull-ups required for each. After two hours of voting, the results came in. CrossFit Open Workout 18.5 is:

A Repeat of CrossFit Open Workout 11.6

AMRAP in 7-minutes

3 Thrusters (100/65 lb) & 3 Chest-to-Bar Pull-Ups
6 Thrusters (100/65 lb) & 6 Chest-to-Bar Pull-Ups
9 Thrusters (100/65 lb) 9 Chest-to-Bar Pull-Ups

If you complete 9, complete a round of 12, then go on to 15, and so forth.

Score: Reps Completed

An astonishing 50% of voters picked 11.6 in the comments on Facebook live.

Workout 13.5 received just 7% of the vote, and 14.2 received the remaining 43% of votes.

The workout comes from the first-ever iteration of the CrossFit Open, back when the event included six workouts as opposed to the normal five. And this isn’t the first repeat for Open Workout 11.6; it also served as workout 12.5 in the 2012 CrossFit Open.

Shortly after the announcement, Thorisdottir (3rd at the 2017 Games), Davidsdottir (5th), and Sigmundsdottir (4th) battled it out to set an early pace for the 2018 Open’s final workout.

What do you think of Open Workout 18.5? And which did you vote for?

Featured image: @crossfitgames on Instagram