When to Watch USA Weightlifting’s Athletes at the 2017 World Championships

The 2017 IWF Weightlifting World Championships are currently underway in Anaheim, California. They started yesterday the 28th, and will be running through Tuesday, December 5th, so if you’ve missed the first couple days, then don’t sweat — we have you covered.

With the final start list finally out, we now know when every athlete will be taking the platform, which includes USA Weightlifting’s team. If you’re trying to watch them all, or tune in for someone specific, then we’ve listed every athlete with their respective tentative starting times.

USA Weightlifting Athlete Schedule

Wednesday, November 29th

1. Brian Reisenauer – 56kg A, Comp Start: 1:55 PM PST
2. Alyssa Ritchey – 48kg A, Comp Start: 5:25 PM PST

Thursday, November 30th

1. Caitlin Hogan – 53kg A, Comp Start: 5:25 PM PST

Friday, December 1st

1. Angelo Bianco  77kg B, Comp Start: 1:55 PM PST
3. Jessica Lucero – 63kg A, Comp Start: 5:25 PM PST
2. CJ Cummings – 69kg A, Comp Start: 7:55 PM PST

Saturday, December 2nd

1. Harrison Maurus – 77kg A, Comp Start: 11:55 AM PST
2. Mattie Rogers – 69kg A, Comp Start: 3:25 PM PST

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Sunday, December 3rd

1. Nathan Damron – 94kg B, Comp Start: 8:55 AM PST
2. Colin Burns – 94kg A, Comp Start: 3:25 PM PST
3. Jenny Arthur – 75kg A, Comp Start: 5:55 PM PST

Monday, December 4th

1. Wes Kitts – 105kg A, Comp Start: 5:25 PM PST
2. Ian Wilson
 – 105kg A, Comp Start: 5:25 PM PST
3. Ali Ludwig – 90kg A, Comp Start: 7:55 PM PST
4. Marissa Klingseis – 90kg A, Comp Start: 7:55 PM PST

Tuesday, December 5th

1. Sarah Robles – +90kg A, Comp Start: 1:55 PM PST

Schedule and How to Watch

How to Watch

We’ve collaborated with USA Weightlifting to highlight how viewers in the United States and abroad can watch the action live from Anaheim.

Check out our full how to watch guide here.

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