2018 CrossFit® Games Regionals Workouts 5 and 6 Announced (All Events Included)

Yesterday, CrossFit HQ dropped the final events for the 2018 CrossFit Regionals competitions.

The first week of the Regionals competitions kick off next week on Friday, and we’ll get a glimpse of what to expect from the first round of athletes to undergo the six workouts. This first week’s competitions include the Eastern, Southern, and Europe Regionals groups. If you’d like to view the full 2018 CrossFit Games season, then check it out here.

This year’s events are gearing up to be some of the most exciting yet and include a couple CrossFit Regionals firsts, including a handstand obstacle course and bench press. With slightly over a week remaining until Regionals kick off, athletes are in full swing of their prep trying to prepare.

Check out events five and six below, which are set to be held on Sunday (the final day of competition). We’ve also included the first four workouts below, along with what day they’re set to take place.


CrossFit Regionals Event 5

For Time

  • 50 handstand push-ups
  • 50 toes-to-bars
  • 50-cal. Assault Bike
  • 50 dumbbell box step-overs (men: 24-in box, women: 20-in box)
  • 50-ft. right-arm dumbbell overhead lunge (men: 70 lb dumbbell, women: 50 lb dumbbell)
  • 50-ft. left-arm dumbbell overhead lunge (men: 70 lb dumbbell, women: 50 lb dumbbell)

Time Cap: Men have 17-minutes to finish the workout, while women have been granted 22-minutes. An athlete’s score is their time to finish.

CrossFit Regionals Event 6

For Time

  • 4 rope climbs
  • 16 thrusters (men: 155 lbs, women: 105 lbs)
  • 3 rope climbs
  • 12 thrusters (men: 155 lbs, women: 105 lbs)
  • 2 rope climbs
  • 8 thrusters (men: 155 lbs, women: 105 lbs)

Time Cap: 7-minutes. An athlete’s score is the amount of time it takes them to complete the workout.


CrossFit Regionals Event 1

Triple 3

For Time

  • 3000-Meter Row
  • 300 Double-Unders
  • 3-Mile Run

Score: An athlete’s time to finish the workout, and there’s a 49-minute time cap.

CrossFit Regionals Event 2


  • 10-9-8-7-6-5-4-3-2-1 reps for time
  • Deadlift, 295/220 lb.
  • Bench press, 195/135 lb.
  • Squat clean, 145/105 lb.


CrossFit Regionals Event 3

For Time

  • 9 muscle-ups
  • Handstand walk
  • 36 single-leg squats
  • Handstand walk
  • 9 muscle-ups
  • Handstand walk
  • 45 single-leg squats
  • Handstand walk
  • 9 muscle-ups
  • Handstand walk
  • 54 single-leg squats

Time Cap: 13-minutes. Scores will be the amount of time it takes athletes to get through everything.

CrossFit Regionals Event 4

For Time

  • 2 rounds
  • 10 snatches, 175/125 lb
  • 12 burpees
  • Then, 2 rounds
  • 10 snatches, 115/75 lb
  • 12 burpees

Time Cap: 9-minutes. Scores will be the amount of time it takes the athlete to complete the workout.

Feature image from @iamkhanporter Instagram page. 

Jake Boly

Jake Boly

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