Giant’s Live Announces 2018 North American Date and Location for Strongman Competition

The Giant’s Live North American Championship tour date and location have officially been announced. As originally reported by Starting Strongman, the date for this year’s contest is set for June 9th and the location will once again be Martinsville, Indiana. This event will be hosted by Aaron Molin of Core Fitness Club.

Last year, professional strongman Rob Kearney ended up taking home first and earning his spot at the World’s Strongest Man. And in 2016, Nick Best found himself sitting at the top.

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Last year’s North American Championship entailed the following five events: Yoke, press medley, deadlift, carry and drag, and stone series. There’s been no announcement on what events 2018 will include, but we’re guessing they’ll be see somewhat similar.

Check out the final stone series event from last year’s Championship that earned Kearney a second place spot in the event and sealed his first place finish overall.

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The Giant’s Live Tour was created in 2009 as a means to qualify strongman competitors for the World’s Strongest Man contest. There are multiple Giant’s Live events held each year, and up to a dozen strongman athletes come together at each one to compete in a series of events. At each competition, the top three placing athletes earn invitations to compete at the World’s Strongest Man contest.

The 2018 World’s Strongest Man contest is set to take place in Manila, Philippines. The dates for this year’s contest are as follows: April 28th – May 1st for the qualifying rounds, then May 5th and 6th for the two-day finals.

Feature image from @worlds_strongest_gay Instagram page.