Dave Castro Hints Street Bikes Will Be In 2018 Reebok CrossFit Games

CrossFit athletes and fans prepare yourselves, because Dave Castro’s normal string of Reebok CrossFit Games event hints are upon us.

Yesterday, Castro dropped the first hint for the 2018 Reebok CrossFit Games individual competitors, and of course, it’s already sparked a fair amount of attention across the strength sports social media world. On his Instagram page, Castro shared a picture highlighting the Trek Domane AL 3, which is a beginner oriented aluminum road bike.

Check out Castro’s post below.


Last year, bikes made their first debut at the Reebok CrossFit Games, and that was in the form of a Cyclocross course. The course required riders to complete three laps within a 30-minute time cap around the pre-made course, which featured mini obstacles throughout.

As of right now, we’re not sure what the full event featuring the Trek road bike will look like for the individual competitors, or how long the course will be for that matter, but we can break down the bike itself. On Trek’s site they write about the Domane AL 3 saying it’s a bike that’s great for those who are serious about biking, yet aren’t exactly tackling the Tour De France.

From their site: “You’re not racing the Tour de France, but you might be racing to the town line!”

So now the question remains: How long and in what format do we think these bikes will make their debut in? Last year, the first day of competition featured the Cyclocross as event one, then a Run-Swim-Run as event two, so it would make sense (and wouldn’t surprise us) if Castro wants to combine all of these elements into a triathlon focused event. In addition, a couple athletes have already completed triathlons in their prep for the CrossFit Games.


And while we’re on the topic of event speculation, there’s also the school of thought about event duration. On average, it takes about 20-30 minutes to bike 5-miles and 45-1 hour+ to bike 10-miles. Keep in mind, those averages are very rough, as terrain and speed will also play a role.

Triathlon distances for bike duration vary and can from 12-miles for sprint courses, 24-miles for Olympics, and 112-miles for full courses. That all being said, if the event has a triathlon focus, how long would each element be, and would it try to accommodate for the spectator’s interest? So many unanswered questions.

How do you think the road bikes will be used?

Feature image from @thedavecastro Instagram page.