How to Watch the 2018 World’s Strongest Man on TV

The World’s Strongest Man is probably the most hotly anticipated event in strongman (rivaled only by the Arnold Classic), and we’re counting the seconds until this year’s event takes place in Manila. The qualifying events will run from April 28th until May 1st and the main event will be on May 5th and May 6th.

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World’s Strongest Man TV Schedule

The title of the World’s Strongest Man is one of the most coveted on Earth, but it’s worth noting it’s not broadcast live. There are plenty of reasons: because the events take place over several days, and often have lengthy rests between rounds and hours between events themselves, nobody wants to waste airtime showing people waiting around for the next event to start.

That means the World’s Strongest Man team needs to edit and package all of their footage into slick, broadcast quality TV programs after the event is over, and while folks in the UK have to wait all the way until December 25 for it to be aired on Channel 5 (it’s a bit of a seasonal tradition across the pond), Christmas comes a lot earlier for viewers in the United States.

World’s Strongest Man Air Dates

BarBend has received information from the World’s Strongest Man confirming the dates (though not the times) that WSM will air on the CBS Sports Network.

Fans will receive eleven installments with action from the 2018 event. Shows 1 and 2 will be combined into one full hour that will air on CBS Broadcast and then CBS Sports Network (SN) a few days later. Show 11 will be an hour long and will just air on CBS Broadcast. Shows 3 through 10 are half an hour long each.

Shows 1/2 (One Hour) – CBS – June 10 (Sun), 2-3PM
Shows 1/2 (One Hour) – CBS SN – June 14 (Thurs), 9:30PM-10:30PM

Show 3 – CBS SN – June 21 (Thurs) – 9:30-10PM 

Show 4 – CBS SN – June 28 (Thurs) – 9:30-10PM 

Show 5 – CBS SN – July 5 (Thurs) – 9:30-10PM

Show 6 – CBS SN – July 12 (Thurs) – 9:30-10PM

Show 7 – CBS SN – July 19 (Thurs) – 9:30-10PM

Show 8 – CBS SN – July 26 (Thurs) – 9:30-10PM

Show 9 – CBS SN – Aug 2 (Thurs) – 9:30-10PM

Show 10 – CBS SN – Aug 9 (Thurs) – 9:30-10PM

Show 11 FINAL (One Hour) – CBS – Sept 2 (Sun) – 4-5PM
Show 11 FINAL (One Hour) – CBS SN – Sept 6 (Thurs) – 9:30-10:30PM

The TV broadcasts from World’s Strongest Man’s improve in quality with each passing year, and we can’t wait to watch it all go down on CBS.

Featured image via @worldsstrongestman on Instagram.


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