5 Athletes to Watch at the 2020 Classic Physique Olympia

This may be one of the closest contested divisions of the weekend.

Outside of the Mr. Olympia contest itself, the Classic Physique Olympia may be the most popular division in the IFBB Pro League. It also may be the most unpredictable. The reigning champion, Chris Bumstead, is looking to repeat and the previous champion, Breon Ansley wants the title back. There are also numerous talented contenders there are looking to knock those top dogs out of the way. 

George Peterson finished third in this contest last year, but he moved on to the 212 division. That means someone could seize the opportunity and move up the ranks and face the favorites. Here’s a look at the two favorites going into this contest as well three men who want to join them.


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Chris Bumstead

After wearing a silver medal around his neck in 2017 and 2018, Chris Bumstead finally usurped the title from the two-time Classic Physique champ Breon Ansley in 2019. In preparation for his return to the stage as champ this year, he’s leaving no stone unturned. He has shared insights into his prep on his YouTube channel, including having an inversion table to help him maximize his height. Another area he has emphasized has been his arms, which had been the subject of criticism in the past. He has stated they will be better this year, and yes, he will have his now-signature mustache.

Breon Ansley

Ansley is a two-time Classic Physique Olympia champion but was knocked off the top spot last year by Bumstead. This is the fourth year in a row that these two are considered the favorites going into the contest. There have been rumors that Ansley plans to change divisions next year. Before he does, he wants to win a third title. He’s been working with trainer and bodybuilding legend Chris Cormier for this prep. One area he has been paying extra attention to is his chest. Based on his social media posts, he feels very confident he will take the title back.

Alex Cambronero

Cambronero is the guy that is considered the one who could spoil the Bumstead-Ansley party. He’s been a popular competitor in the classic division, but he made his biggest splash when he won the Arnold Classic Physique contest in March. That was his first major title, and now he wants the biggest one of all. Cambronero has been working under the tutelage of Neil Hill —who famously trains James “Flex” Lewis — and wants to be the most conditioned athlete onstage.


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Logan Franklin

Franklin won the New York Pro earlier this year, and his presentation there was arguably the best of his career. He started his career in Men’s Physique before moving on to this division. He has held his own on the stages he’s been on so far, but the Olympia is the biggest one of all. If he’s able to bring his best — and the other favorites are off their A-game — then Franklin has a legitimate shot. 

Deontrai Campbell

Campbell could be the X-factor competitor of this lineup. That’s because he hasn’t competed in the Olympia before this year. He earned his position this year by winning the Tampa Pro, but the competition he will be facing in Orlando is the best of the best. His back is one area of his physique that stands out because of the width and detail. John Meadows is working as his trainer for this contest.

Don’t Miss the Mr. O

The 2020 Olympia is set to take place in Orlando, FL from Dec. 17-20, 2020. The bodybuilding shows will be happening from Dec. 18-19, 2020. Check out our article on how to watch the 2020 Olympia or watch the video below.

Also, be sure to stay tuned into BarBend as we’ll be covering all of the action over the weekend. 

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