Who to Watch at the 2021 Texas Pro Bodybuilding Show

Everything is bigger at the 2021 Texas Pro — the competitors, the stakes, the glory.

The 2021 Mr. Olympia is less than two months away (October 7-10), and there are very few qualifying spots left. The next opportunity to punch a ticket to the big stage in Orlando, FL will be in Irving, TX, at the 2021 Texas Pro on Saturday, August 14. Six divisions will be battle it out for bragging rights and a spot at the sport’s most esteemed prize — Men’s Open, 212, Women’s Physique, Bikini, Classic Physique, and Men’s Physique.

The main focus of the majority of the fans will be on the Men’s Open. The full competitor list (in alphabetical order) is below.

2021 Texas Pro Men’s Open Roster

  1. Phil Clahar
  2. Camilo Diaz
  3. Mohamed El Emam
  4. Martin Fitzwater
  5. Douglas Fruchey
  6. Dorian Haywood
  7. Kevin Jordan
  8. Steve Kuclo
  9. Hassan Mostafa
  10. Iain Valliere

2021 Texas Pro Notable Contenders

There may not be as many competitors here as there are in other shows, but the men that will grace the stage are all talented and capable of making an impact. Here are a few of the favorites to watch when this contest takes place.

Iain Valliere

The competitor from Canada is coming off of a victory at the 2021 Tampa Pro, which took place on August 6-7. Fans were surprised when Valliere announced that he was competing at this show since he’s already qualified for the Olympia with his win in Tampa. 


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“I’m a professional bodybuilder. My job is literally to compete, win, collect prize money, and work my way up the building ranks by beating more and different top competitors,” Valliere wrote in a post on his Instagram Stories. “My job is not to let others qualify for the Olympia and let prize money and titles be [won] by others, it’s to enter competitions and try my best to win.”

It’s implied that Valliere wants to stop top contenders like Steve Kuclo (who placed sixth at the 2019 Olympia) from making it to Orlando. Valliere, who got seventh place at the 2020 Mr. Olympia, will have to look better at this show than he did in Tampa. Traditionally, the judges want to see athletes improve from show to show. He needs to be at his best anyway because the next competitor on this list is coming off a long offseason and has had a great prep phase.

Steve Kuclo

Steve Kuclo is a very disciplined competitor, and he has five professional wins to his name. Among those victories are two Indy Pro titles, a California Pro win, the 2013 Europa Supershow title, and an Arnold Classic South America win. He was last seen at the 2020 Arnold Classic, where he placed fourth (his best placing in any AC).


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The King Snake will be competing on his home turf, so he won’t have to worry about traveling. He is usually among the biggest men on the stage, and he will be in this lineup as well. If he comes to the competition as expected, he and Vallierre will put on quite a show for the fans and judges. His shoulders are some of the best at the top level and his legs are anything but a weak point.

Phil Clahar

Clahar surprised everyone in Tampa with an impressive second-place finish. It was clearly the best he had ever looked. He snuck in under the radar last weekend, but everyone will be watching for him now. Nonetheless, the chance to stand and pose against two elite competitors is a great opportunity. His stock will certainly rise in the future if he can hold his own at this contest.

Featured Images (left to right): Photo by Will Wittmann/@stevekuclo on Instagram