2023 Toronto Pro Supershow Bodybuilding Preview

The Great White North will host 10 pro contests and pro qualifiers.

The Toronto Pro Supershow is the biggest contest in Canada, featuring 10 of the IFBB Pro League’s 11 divisions as well as pro qualifying events. The 2023 edition of the Toronto Pro Supershow will take place on Sunday, June 4, in Toronto, ON, Canada, and it will feature at least 100 pros across all divisions, with 40 being from the host country.

The only pro division not featured at this show is the Fitness division. The winners will all qualify for the 2023 Olympia in Orlando, FL, on the weekend of Nov. 2-5, 2023.


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2023 Toronto Pro Supershow Rosters

The rosters for all 10 divisions are below, with names in alphabetical order. Amateurs that win their pro cards on Saturday, June 3, will be eligible to compete in these contests as well. 

Men’s Open

  • Slavoj Bednar (Czech Republic)
  • Ross Flanigan (USA)
  • Eiren Gauley (Canada)
  • Mike Hulusi (Australia)
  • Hossein Kalateh (Canada)
  • Sahar Kazes (Israel)
  • Jangmin Lee (South Korea)
  • Jason Lowe (USA)
  • Morgan MacDonald (Canada)
  • Hassan Mostafa (Egypt)
  • Joe Seeman (Canada)
  • Robin Strand (Canada)
  • Iain Valliere (Canada)

212 Division 

  • Piotr Borecki (Poland)
  • Chris Buhr (Canada)
  • Ming Chun Hon (HKSAR)
  • Sung Yeop Jang (South Korea)
  • Hwang Shin (South Korea)
  • Nate Telow (USA)
  • Jordan Wise (USA)

Classic Physique 

  • Edgard John Augustin (UAE)
  • Maurice Burgess (USA)
  • Gregory Dawson (Canada)
  • Javier Duarte (USA)
  • Ali Emre (Turkey)
  • Carl Gauthier (Canada)
  • Farzad Ghotbi (Canada)
  • Shane Makan (Canada)
  • Tyler Okowinsky (Canada)
  • Samuel Paquin (Canada)
  • Josue Isai Cortes Vargas (Mexico)
  • Dimitri Williams (Canada)

Men’s Physique

  • Austin Belanger (Canada)
  • Bhuwan Chauhan (Canada)
  • Rodrigue Chesnier (France)
  • Julian Colley (Canada)
  • Gary Cooper (USA)
  • Francisco Alberto de la Cruz (Canada)
  • Rory Gissing (England)
  • Harrett Jenkins (USA)
  • Mehdi Kabbadj (Morocco)
  • Clarence Lau (Canada) 
  • Daniel Rabiela (Mexico)
  • Jason Alan Robinson (USA)
  • Mario Stewart (USA)
  • Serge Victor (USA)

Men’s Wheelchair

  • Tim Caldwell (USA)
  • Jack McCann (Canada)
  • Jason Metcalf (USA)
  • Bryan Williams (USA)

Women’s Bodybuilding

  • Tananarive Huie (Canada)
  • Theresa Ivancik (USA)
  • Melina Perron (Canada)
  • Julia Whitesel (USA)

Women’s Physique

  • Josefa Paloma Barba Bedolla (Mexico)
  • Alyssa Coppolino (Canada)
  • Georgina D’Abreo (Canada)
  • Leona Lynn Gairy (Canada)
  • Cara Kerluck (Canada)
  • Amandine Kolly (Switzerland)
  • Wai Chun Virginia Kwok (Hong Kong)
  • Emilija Martic (Canada)
  • Angela Noury (USA)
  • Renee Reefschlaeger (USA)
  • Diana Schnaidt (USA)
  • Romana Skotzen (UK)
  • Kyna Squarey (Canada)
  • Nathalee Thompson (Canada)


  • Dalila Alegria (USA)
  • Desiree Alferes (USA)
  • Jodi Boam (Canada)
  • Theresa A. Dekker (Mexico)
  • Manon Dutilly (France)
  • Amanda Jessica Elliott (Canada)
  • Sally Forse (Canada)
  • Nelly Gonzalez (Mexico)
  • Giselie Heathcote (Canada)
  • Lauren Martin-Stow (Canada)
  • Taylor Mauro (USA)
  • Lola Montez (Canada)
  • Nina Paulus (Germany)
  • Carmen Garcia Penalver (Spain)
  • Nora Prado (Mexico)
  • Tamika Robinson (USA)
  • Paige Sabedra (USA)


  • Eli Fernandez (Mexico)
  • Brittany Gillespie (USA)
  • Racquel Hutchinson (Canada)
  • Nikki Kiani (Canada)
  • Adair Libbrecht (Canada)
  • Maritza Romano Pacheco (Mexico)
  • Sophia So Wai Pik (HKSAR)
  • Ayleen Santander (Canada)
  • Maxine Somov (Canada)
  • Courtney Ustrzycki (Mexico)


  • Sandra Colorado Acal (Spain)
  • Emily Azzarello (Canada)
  • Lauren Barton (USA)
  • Anne-Marie Gobeil (Canada)
  • Winglam Lee (China)

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Men’s Open Athletes to Watch

Below are the athletes in the Men’s Open contest likely to reach the higher side of the judges’ scorecards.

Iain Valliere

Many fans have been excited about this show because it features the return of Iain Valliere. Valliere hasn’t competed since his 11th-place finish at the 2022 Mr. Olympia. Valliere has won four shows in his career, with the most recent being the 2022 Vancouver Pro.

Valliere said in past interviews that he wants this title, and if he can win it, then it qualifies him for the 2023 Olympia with five months to prepare for the contest in Orlando. He can also add his name to the list of past winners, which includes Ronnie Coleman (1998), Victor Martinez (2013), and Brandon Curry (2015). The fans will likely pull for him, as the contest is held in his home country.

Hassan Mostafa

Mostafa makes his 2023 season debut at this contest. He won both the Orlando Pro and Puerto Rico Pro in 2022, but he didn’t compete in the Mr. Olympia that year. His last Olympia appearance came in 2021, where he placed 13th.

Based on images Mostafa shared on social media, he has focused on being as ripped and conditioned as possible. He will still be one of the bigger men in the lineup.

Ross Flanigan

Flanigan is coming off a win at the 2023 California State Pro — his first pro victory and what was considered an upset by many. He defeated 2023 New York Pro winner Tonio Burton and Sergio Oliva Jr. to take that title.


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Flanigan will now face two men that have both been in the top 15 at the Olympia before. This will be a tougher test for him, but based on how his physique looked at his last show, he will be up to the task.

Figure Athletes to Watch

Below are the athletes in the Figure division contest most likely to score first callouts:

Lola Montez

The Figure division has the most athletes on the women’s side of the stage. Lola Montez will make her 2023 season debut. She’s coming off a third-place finish at the 2022 Figure Olympia, won by Cydney Gillon.

The Canadian competitor has already qualified for the 2023 Olympia, but like Valliere, Montez wants to add this title to her list of accolades. The last time she competed in Toronto was in 2018 when she placed 12th.

Nelly Gonzalez

Gonzalez will make her pro debut at this contest. She turned professional after winning her pro card at the 2022 NPC Worldwide Mexican National Championships. Her abs and quads stood out in that contest. In four amateur contests, she never placed lower than second.

Dalila Alegria

Alegria will be making her first appearance of the 2023 season. She was last onstage at the 2022 Governors Cup, where she placed fifth. That was her first top-five placing in her two-year career.


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If Alegria made the most of her time away from the stage before this contest, she could score first callout. Defeating an athlete the caliber of Montez may be a tall task, but a high finish could give her momentum for future shows this season. 

Other Notes

There will be a pay-per-view live stream of the event available for purchase on the Toronto Pro Supershow website. Amateur and professional streams must be purchased separately.

Featured image: @iainvalliere on Instagram