2023 TYR Wodapalooza CrossFit Team Event 5 Results — Big Weights Put Up in Team Lifting Event

The Girls and Invictus Tiny Dancers take the event wins in their divisions.

The Teams put on a show for the packed lawn of the Tina Hills stage, lifting a series of heavy weights through three different movements. With just two attempts at their respective movements, it became a game of strategy as any missed lifts could be costly not only to their score in the event but their placing on the overall leaderboard.

Team Event Five — “3,2,1, Lift Off”

*30 seconds to lift; 45 seconds for transitions; two attempts per athlete.

Women’s Team Results

  1. The Girls — 761 pounds
  2. Team BPN — 755 pounds
  3. Misfits with Lady Bits — 754 pounds
  4. The Dottirs ft. MOB — 743 pounds
  5. All American Girls — 740 pounds (T-fifth)
  6. GOWOD Girls — 740 pounds (T-fifth)
  7. P10 Performance — 735 pounds
  8. Queens of the North — 734 pounds
  9. A.K.A. Humble Killers — 725 pounds
  10. Spacers Angels — 720 pounds

Men’s Team Results

  1. Invictus Tiny Dancers — 1,155 pounds
  2. Mexico — 1,115 pounds
  3. Brazilian’s Old School — 1,095 pounds
  4. Canadian PB&J — 1,088 pounds
  5. Big Body Boys — 1,085 pounds
  6. Conquer / Lift Heavy Often — 1,082 pounds
  7. Team GOWOD — 1,075 pounds (T-seventh)
  8. Team Panchik — 1,075 pounds (T-seventh)
  9. Zeus & The Dogs — 1,075 pounds (T-seventh)
  10. The Three Wizards — 1,070 pounds

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2023 Wodapalooza
Image via Patrick Clark

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Women’s Event Five Highlights

“The Girls” picked up their second event win of the weekend, lifting a total weight of 761 pounds, highlighted by Christine Kolenrander’s 257-pound clean & jerk and Fee Saghafi’s 267-pound, two-rep front squat. “Team BPN” recorded another top-three finish, lifting 755 pounds to place second. “Misfits With Lady Bits,” a team consisting of Paige Semenza, Caroline Spencer, and Erin O’Donnell, recorded their best finish in the competition, placing third, just one pound short of “Team BPN.”

Men’s Event Five Highlights

Twenty-six teams lifted over 1,000 pounds in this event, with “Invictus Tiny Dancers” leading that group with a combined 1,155 pounds. Their winning weight was 40 pounds more than runner-up “Mexico” despite the team missing two of their final three lifts. Sam Dancer highlighted his team’s performance with a two-rep front squat of 435 pounds. “Brazilian’s Old School” placed third with 1,095 pounds.

Featured image via Patrick Clark.