2023 TYR Wodapalooza Individual Event 6 Results — Paige Powers and Ricky Garard Claim First Career Major Competition Titles

Paige Powers becomes the youngest champion in Wodapalooza history.

The final Individual division event at the 2023 TYR Wodapalooza (WZA) featured a single workout split up into two distinct parts: “Miami Meat Market” and “Dirty Isabel.” There were 100 points up for grabs in each half of the event as both the men’s and women’s fields had podium spots to be decided. The action took place in a jam-packed Flagler stage under the lights with the Miami skyline as a backdrop.

At the end of the grueling two-parter, two new WZA champions were crowned: Ricky Garard and Paige Powers. Each captured their first major competition titles and set themselves up as contenders for the 2023 NOBULL CrossFit Games season. Here’s a full recap of the action.

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Women’s Results — “Miami Meat Market”

  1. Paige Powers — 05:31.09
  2. Dani Speegle — 05:57.91
  3. Andrea Nisler — 06:19.16
  4. Sara Sigmundsdottir 06:23.77
  5. Sydney Michalyshen — 06:47.33
  6. Emma Tall — 07:14.28
  7. Brittany Weiss — 07:19.62
  8. Freya Moosbrugger — 07:23.00
  9. Cece Cronin — 07:23.75
  10. Paige Semenza — 07:35.57

Women’s Results — “Dirty Isabel”

  1. Dani Speegle— 03:19.32
  2. Emma Cary — 03:27.58
  3. Paige Powers — 03:37.84
  4. Katelin Van Zyl — 03:49.58
  5. Elisa Fuliano — 04:03.47
  6. Olivia Kerstetter — 04:09.00
  7. Freya Moosbrugger — 04:15.00
  8. Emma Tall — 04:15.70
  9. Sara Sigmundsdottir — 04:18.91
  10. Sydney Michalyshen — 04:25.20

Men’s Results — “Miami Meat Market”

  1. Roman Khrennikov 06:02.74
  2. Ricky Garard — 06:21.02
  3. Patrick Vellner 06:37.43
  4. Guilherme Malheiros 06:46.53
  5. John Wood — 06:50.59
  6. Jack Rozema — 06:55.11
  7. Alexandre Caron — 06:55.50
  8. Nick Mathew — 07:04.32
  9. Phillip Muscarella — 07:14.97
  10. Briant Guillaume — 07:24.13

Men’s Results — “Dirty Isabel”

  1. Dallin Pepper — 03:07.21
  2. Henrik Haapalainen — 03:20.33
  3. Patrick Vellner — 03:37.63
  4. Cole Greashaber — 03:45.44
  5. Ricky Garard — 03:51.76
  6. Alexandre Caron — 03:54.35
  7. Brent Fikowski — 03:55.69
  8. Fabian Beneito Selles 03:59.09
  9. Roman Khrennikov — 04:29.65
  10. Lago Guiraldes — 04:31.00

Individual Event Six “A” Workout — “Miami Meat Market”

Three Rounds for Time:

Time Cap: 9 minutes

Individual Event Six “B” Workout — “Dirty Isabel”

For Time:

  • 30 Bar-Facing Burpees
  • 30 Unbroken* Power Snatches For Men: 125 Pounds | For Women: 85 Pounds

*For every break, perform three bar-facing burpees

Time Cap: 7 minutes

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Women’s Highlights — “Miami Meat Market”

Powers’ dominating performance saw her in the overall lead heading into the final two events. She held a 37-point advantage over second-place Emily Rolfe, who suffered a calf injury during the drag rope double unders in the previous event.

The 19-year-old Powers made it back-to-back event wins here as she battled with Dani Speegle for the first two rounds before pulling away on the chest-to-bar pull-ups in the final round. She finished just under 30 seconds ahead of Speegle with a time of 5:31.09. Speegle was followed by Andrea Nisler to round out the top-three finishers in the event.

Women’s Highlights — “Dirty Isabel”

Barring a total disaster, Powers’ win in the first part of event six pretty much secured her first-ever major competition title as she carried a comfortable lead into the final. It was second through seventh place that had yet to be decided as those athletes were separated by just 26 points.

Emma Cary was one of those athletes battling for the podium spot, and she struggled after winning the first two events of the competition. The 18-year-old was the early leader and was eight reps ahead of Powers in the snatches but ended up taking a break, resulting in her doing three burpees over the bar.

Meanwhile, Dani Speegle held onto her barbell and picked up the “Dirty Isabel” win. This was her second win of the competition, securing her second place overall. Cary finished second in the event and locked up third place overall in her first live competition in 13 months. Powers finished third in this event, earning her the overall win at the 2023 Wodapalooza. In the end, Powers, Speegle, and Cary combined to win six of the seven events, with each winning two events apiece.

Men’s Highlights — “Miami Meat Market”

Ricky Garard held a 30-point lead over Roman Khrennikov heading into the second-to-last workout of the competition. Both went head-to-head over the course of most of the weekend, with Garard recording top-five finishes in every event heading into the final two.

During the first two rounds of “Miami Meat Market,” it was a three-person race as Khrennikov, Garard, and Jack Rozema, a member of the US Army Warrior Fitness Team, started to separate themselves from the field. The final round saw Khrennikov and Garard in the lead and going rep-for-rep on the dumbbell bench press. Khrennikov finished the bench press first, and it was all over as no one was able to catch him on the echo bike.

Garard placed second and only conceded 10 points to Khrennikov on the overall leaderboard. Patrick Vellner placed third, securing him a spot on the podium with one event to go.

Men’s Highlights — “Dirty Isabel”

Garard, Khrennikov, and Vellner all clinched their podium spots after the first part of event six, so “Dirty Isabel” was a pure battle for first place overall. All Garard needed to do was finish ahead of Khrennikov to secure his first major competition title, while Vellner had a chance to finish second if everything worked out in his favor.

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Garard finished fifth in “Dirty Isabel,” making him the only athlete in the field to finish top five in every event. That performance was enough to cement him in first place overall at the 2023 Wodapalooza. Vellner finished third but fell 11 points shy of second place overall, which was won by Khrennikov. Dallin Pepper won the event with a time of 3:07.21, followed by Henrik Haapalainen in second with a time of 3:20.33.

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