At 475 lbs, This Is the Biggest Football Power Clean We’ve Ever Seen

Football weight room power cleans could be a sport in their own right: Straps on, lift out of the rack, get some good pre-oscillation going in that bar, toss up, starfish legs, and rest the bar on your pecs.

And as critical as that take is – sometimes it’s fun to be brutal about other people’s form – 475 pounds is a whole lot of weight to hang power clean. If this is really 475 (it’s hard to tell from the black plates, video angle, and lack of any sort of visual verification), you’re looking at a strong athlete no matter how you slice it. It could feasibly be that much weight, with four 45 lb plates, a 25 lb plate, and a 10 lb plate on each side, though the last metal plate looks to be a bit small for that.

You be the judge:

One piece of technique advice for the videographer: Turn the smartphone sideways.

The video reportedly comes from Liberty University strength coach Bill Gillespie, as reported on Powerlifting Watch. According to their excerpt and letter, the athlete listed is 226-pound Dexter Robbins, who, along with his prodigious strength, appears to have some sweet linebacker hair flow up top.

Read Coach Gillespie’s full letter (and watch this lift again, and again, and again) over on Powerlifting Watch.