5 Massive Performances From 2019 USAPL Raw Nationals

All kinds of American records and unofficial World Records were set!

The USAPL Raw Nationals wrapped up on Sunday in Lombard, Illinois. The meet brought together the best-of-the-best USAPL powerlifters from all 50 states. The competition kicked off on October 16th and ran through October 20th. A lot went down over the weekend, from all kinds of American records, to come-from-behind big-time wins, and even some unofficial World Records here and there. We’ve selected five performances from over the weekend that seriously fired us up!

Marisa Inda, 52kg

Marisa Inda claimed the title as 52kg National Champion! Her 190kg deadlift was a new American Record. Inda previously set the raw deadlift American Record of 187.5kg at the 2017 Arnold Grand Prix. 

Check out her results from Raw Nats below:

  • Squat: 140kg
  • Bench press: 97.5kg
  • Deadlift: 190kg (American record)
  • Total: 427.5 kg

Jonathan Cayco, 93kg

Jonathan Cayco was crowned 93kg National Champion after setting two new American Records and an Unofficial World Record total! He benched 231kg for a new American Record, and his 868.5kg total was a new American Record and an Unofficial World Record. 

  • Squat: 302.5kg
  • Bench 231kg (American Record)
  • Deadlift: 335kg
  • Total: 868.5kg (American Record & Unofficial World Record)

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@usapowerlifting 2019 Raw Nationals 93 Kg National Champion!! 😰 Here's my three 3rd Attempts (Swipe Left ⬅) Squat: 667 lb | 302.5 kg Bench: 509 lbs | 231 kg for the American Record Deadlift: 738 lbs | 335 kg 1914 lbs | 868.5 kg Total @ 93 kg American Record Total & Unofficial World Record Total 843 IPF Score | 548 Wilks It was a fun meet! I can't say enough thank you's to everyone who supported me and helped me get to this point! Flexx Fam, Legion Fam, my friends and family, my sponsors, I appreciate you all! The Tournament of Power was awesome! 🔥 Until the next one! Let's Fight! 😆 #ultrainstinct #teamjoeyflexx #powerlifting #93kg #raw #usapl #ipf #squats #benchpress #deadlift #strongman #weightlifting #powerbuilding #bodybuilding #physique #strong #training #workout #gym #gymlife #motivation #athlete #fit #fitness #beast #tournamentofpower

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Amanda Lawrence, 84kg

Amanda Lawrence won the title as 84kg National Champion! This is her second major title this year, with also winning the 84kg weight class at the 2019 IPF World Classic Powerlifting Championships. Her lifts over the weekend were big-time, and she ended up tying her world record total that she set at IPF Worlds (613kg)

  • Squat: 250.5kg 
  • Bench: 115kg
  • Deadlift: 247.5
  • Total: 613kg

Bryce Lewis, 105kg

Bryce Lewis came from behind to regain his title and win the 105kg weight class! His total was a new unofficial World Record! The craziest part is, he even missed his final bench and deadlift attempt, yet still posted an unofficial World Record Total!

  • Squat: 322.5kg
  • Bench: 220kg
  • Deadlift: 360kg
  • Total: 902.5kg

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Late to post, but I’m overjoyed to have won @usapowerlifting nationals this year. After 2018 IPF Worlds, I had serious enough erector injuries that squatting and deadlifting over 315 caused pain. That, plus a hefty dose of burnout and I knew the turnaround to 2018 nationals in 16 weeks would have been too much. I took a year to get healthy, enjoy lifting, and make progress with the goal of coming back ready. I had an incredible prep, fixed some technique issues on the squat, and trained with intent. . I actually just finished rewatching the session and wow, what tremendous competition. The caliber of the 105s is something else right now and I’m privileged to be among them. . I ended up missing my third pull and third bench leaving a little room to be desired for next time, but put together a PR squat, PR deadlift, and PR total, breaking the WR total unofficially. . By the numbers: SQ: 322.5kg/ 711lbs BN: 220kg/ 485lbs DL: 360kg/ 793lbs TOT: 902.5kg/ 1990lbs . Just short of my goal to myself of totaling 2,000lbs so I guess I’ll have to compete again 😏😈. . I have tremendous thank-yous to give but I’m going to space those out so they have the room they deserve. For tonight, thanks everyone for tuning in and thanks @usapowerlifting for a great competitive environment. Thanks to the athletes and coaches, for whom none of this would be possible. #teamTSA #thestrengthathlete

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Ray Williams, +120kg

Ray Williams closed out the USAPL Raw Nationals with a dominant performance in the +120kg weight class. We expected to see big things out of Williams, especially after he squatted an insane 490kg at the 2019 Arnold Sports Festival. That 490kg squat was on his third attempt and went on to earn him a USAPL national record and an Unofficial IPF World Record. Despite his squat being significantly lower than what we’ve seen, a 937.5kg total is still all kinds of impressive. 

  • Squat: 400kg
  • Bench: 200kg
  • Deadlift: 337.5kg 
  • Total: 937.5kg 

There were plenty of other massive performances from the weekend, but here’s a taste of just some of the insanity that went down!

Featured image from @miss.amanda.ann’s Instagram page.