There were several lifters fighting for podium spots, but with just two lifts, one athlete had gold locked up in the 75kg category. Rim Jong-sim, the 2012 London Olympic Champion in the 69kg category, took her first snatch and clean & jerk attempts after all other lifters in the A session had finished.

The North Korean lifter made her first and third snatch attempts, along with her first two clean & jerks. She finished with a 274 kilogram total, 16 kilos above second place.

The final women’s podium in the 75kg weight class is below:

1. Rim Jong-sim
2. Darya Naumava
3. Lidia Valentin

Belarus’ Naumava looked incredibly strong overhead in the clean & jerk and secured silver on her third lift of that portion.

Valentin — the presumed 2012 Olympic Champion after all three London podium finishers retested positive for banned substances — finished with the bronze medal. It’s the Spanish lifter’s third Olympic Games.

Lifting in her first Olympics, the USA’s Jenny Arthur went 4 for 6 and set a new American snatch record in the 75kg class with 107kg. Arthur finished with a 242kg total, good for 6th place overall.

Featured image: @IWFnet on Instagram