93kg David Woolson Breaks Norris USAPL Raw Deadlift Record With 350.5kg

The Arnold Classic is finally upon us, and if you’ve been watching highlights, then you may have seen David Woolson’s great powerlifting performance. He’s a 25-year old, 93kg raw American powerlifter and is putting up numbers that are starting to rival some of the best in his weight class.

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Woolson is only one of the strong athletes lifting at the Arnold Classic, but has definitely made a statement this weekend with his performance. He finished with some great numbers including a new USAPL Open 93kg raw American deadlift record at 350.5kg.

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Woolson’s 350.5kg (772 lb) deadlift put him a mere .5kg over Jesse Norris’s previous 350kg record. This margin is small, but it’s a record nonetheless and will be the number to beat for 93kg open raw lifters.

In addition to his deadlift, Woolson finished with a 267.5kg (589 lb) squat. This was a personal best for him in a USAPL sanctioned event.

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Woolson also put up a personal best at a USAPL meet in the bench press with a 175kg (385 lb) press. His wilks score came in at 505.38, which earned him fourth overall.

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It’s safe to say Woolson had possibly one of the best meets in his life with this latest performance. He put up a new American raw record and two personal bests in both the squat and deadlift, which goes without saying as a solid day.

This is only one of the many records that’s going to be broken this weekend in Columbus, Ohio. As all of the meets progress today, be sure to check back in for updates and record breaking performances by some of the strongest athletes in the world.

Feature image from @davidwoolson Instagram page.