Aleksey Torokhtiy’s Slow-Mo Training Videos Are the Best Yet

When it comes to the sport of weightlifting, it’s always tough finding perfect simple videos breaking down the movements. There’s a ton of content out there on social media, and a lot of great coaches, but few videos truly put the movements into clear perspective for the beginning and weathered lifter.

Since his win in the 2012 Olympics, Aleksey Torokhtiy has been doing a phenomenal job at producing weightlifting related content. It wasn’t until recently he produced – arguably some of the better – slow-mo weightlifting videos.

If you don’t follow Aleksey Torokhtiy or BarBend on Instagram already, then you may have missed these videos. We wanted to put together an article that tied them altogether, while continually updating this piece as more of Torokhtiy’s videos surface.

1. Snatch

In late May, Torokhtiy shared his first video breaking down the snatch. It begins by providing you with the setup, then the pulls, and finishes with a slow-mo breakdown.

2. Clean

The second video of the clean was shared one week later in early June. Similar to the snatch, Torokhtiy breaks down starting positions, then uses cool diagrams to show the correct angles for the pulls and the body’s postures.

3. Power Snatch

The following week, Torokhtiy broke down the power snatch and used similar tactics as the first two videos.

4. Power Clean

If you guessed the next week followed with a power clean, then you’re absolutely right. The power clean is commonly confused by beginners (with catching positions), so Torokhtiy’s video is great for pointing out finishing posture angles.

5. Muscle Snatch

The muscle snatch is a great tool for helping athletes learn a full pull, and is under utilized in my opinion for newer lifters.

6. Clean Pull

The clean pull is a great way to work an athlete’s extension without fully performing the lift, but is often performed improperly by beginning lifters. Torokhtiy’s video emphasizes finishing the pull with a fully flat foot (the Soviet method).

How many more videos will Torokhtiy be pushing out? We’re still not sure, all we can do is wait for the next video. We’ve been having a blast trying to guess which movement he’s going to break down next.

As Torokhtiy posts more, we’ll continue to update this round-up, so you can always come back and view the videos easily in one place.

Feature image screenshot from @torokhtiy Instagram page.