Amazing Grass Vs. Green Vibrance — Which Greens Superfood Powder Is Better?

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Amazing Grass is a supplement company based in Orange County, California, and their greens powder is the most–reviewed greens powder on

Vibrant Health, on the other hand, is based in Connecticut, and their Green Vibrance is one of the top 5 best selling greens powders on Both have a lot in common, but as to the question of the best green superfood powder, we think there’s one clear winner.

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Amazing Grass

This is an unusual way to describe a taste, but I’d say it’s “pleasantly bland” — there are quite a few greens powders that are aggressively soily and taste like straight grass, so while Amazing Grass is a little bit earthy, it’s mostly bland and it goes down relatively easily.

Green Vibrance

It’s also less earthy than most greens powders, but it still has a grassy taste and a slightly peppery aftertaste, probably because it contains cayenne pepper. It’s significantly less pleasant than Amazing Grass, so the winner was clear.

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Winner: Amazing Grass

Amazing Grass Review


Amazing Grass

Amazing grass is actually the cheapest greens powder we’ve ever seen: a 17-ounce tub delivers sixty servings for $33.34, so it’s about 55 cents per serving.

Green Vibrance

At 65 dollars for 60 servings ($1.08/serving), Green Vibrance is almost twice as expensive. That’s not actually that expensive for a greens powder — many of the industry leaders are at least three or four dollars per serving. That said, the winner in the price category is clearly Amazing Grass.

Winner: Amazing Grass


Amazing Grass

The ingredients list is efficient, no bells and whistles. There are four proprietary blends here: a “Green Food Blend” that includes wheat grass, barley grass, spirulina and chlorella; an “Antioxidant Blend” that includes rose hips, acerola cherry, green tea, and maca root; a fiber blend; and a blend of digestive enzymes, prebiotic fiber, and probiotic bacteria.

Sadly, we don’t know how much of each ingredient is included per serving, only how much of each blend. But this is still a good basic greens powder.

Green Vibrance

This product has dozens more ingredients, containing almost everything that Amazing Grass has and dozens more. This includes a blend for liver health, one for skeletal health, one for adaptogens, one for immunity, and more.

It also has a better greens powder for digestive health: Amazing Grass has one kind of probiotic bacteria, Green Vibrance contains a dozen different kinds, and diversity of bacteria is actually pretty significant for your gut health.

Finally, Green Vibrance tells you how much of each and every ingredient it contains, so it’s more transparent than Amazing Grass.

Winner: Green Vibrance

Green Vibrance Review


Amazing Grass

There’s a lot that’s tough to determine about Amazing Grass. What you do know is that it has probiotic bacteria — we don’t know how many — we know it contains antioxidants — we don’t know how many — and we know it’s pretty high in three kinds of vitamins. One serving has 25 percent of your daily Vitamin A, 57 percent of your vitamin C, and 88 percent of your vitamin K. One serving has eight percent of your daily iron as well.

That’s about everything notable on the nutrition panel.

Green Vibrance

Again, Green Vibrance is more transparent and effective than most greens powders and certainly more effective than Amazing Grass. It has much much more vitamin A and C, and it also has significant doses of vitamin B12, vitamin D, iron, and selenium.

As noted earlier, it also has more of other ingredients linked to immunity, liver health, and cognitive benefits (like astragalus and sunflower lecithin). But its star quality is that it contains 25 billion probiotic bacteria, which is the most of any greens powder I’ve seen on the market.

Winner: Green Vibrance

Overall Winner: Green Vibrance

These are both solid products, and given Amazing Grass could be the cheapest greens powder on the market, I wasn’t disappointed by the amount of nutrition it contained.

While Green Vibrance is twice the price, it contains so many more ingredients, vitamins, and minerals that I’m surprised it wasn’t three, four, or five times more expensive. It doesn’t taste great, but Green Vibrance is one of the best products on the market and it easily beats Amazing Grass.