In Case You Forgot, Artem Okulov Is Blisteringly Fast

Reigning weightlifting World Champion Artem Okulov is having a good year. After third place finishes in 2013 (Wroclaw) and 2014 (Almaty), the 85 kilo Russian came through big in Houston and took home the title with a 176 kilo snatch and 215 kilo clean and jerk. While prepping for that competition, Okulov did some pretty incredible things in training, including this 180 kilo snatch + hang snatch complex:


Подготовка к чемпионату мира 2015. Рывок 180 kg!

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We’d call that third pull “good” to “extremely, very very good.”

It’s also worth reminding ourselves that Okulov – like fellow 85 kilo lifter Tian Tao – is still only 21 years old. Okulov headlines what should be a highly competitive and entertaining 85 kilo field heading into Rio 2016. He actually finished second to China’s Tao in the snatch, though Tao bombed out with three missed clean & jerks in a row. He’ll be back with a vengeance in Brazil, along with Houston’s second place finisher, Iran’s Kianoush Rostami.

And then there’s Okulov’s fan-favorite countryman, Apti Aukhadov, who made a solid showing in Houston for third place overall.

Until then, enjoy this great video of Okulov’s epic WWC 215 clean & jerk, courtesy of All Things Gym.