CrossFit Athletes Call for Donations to Help Fight Australian Bushfires

Athletes are using their platforms to call for help.

Sixty-three thousand square kilometers burned, over 2,500 buildings destroyed, 25 people dead, hundreds of millions of animals lost. The smoke is so widespread that it’s darkened the skies of Auckland, over a thousand miles from Australia’s eastern coast.

Coming on the back of the driest spring on record and exacerbated by a heatwave that saw the hottest day in history this December, Australia’s bushfire season has been nothing short of catastrophic. While the Australian government formed the National Bushfire Recovery Agency and funded it with $2 billion to help the country recover, many celebrities and athletes are highlighting the need for more funds.

Below we’ve pasted the Instagram posts of several Australian CrossFit® athletes who are calling for donations, then we’ll put a list of all the links they’re sharing so you can help if you so choose. 

Tia-Clair Toomey

I’m stumped for words as I read all the tragedy that is happening back home in Australia. There is just TOO MUCH sadness for the people and animals affected. 😢

There is just TOO MANY people AND animals lives being taken from these horrific bush fires AND THEY NEED OUR HELP!

Let’s spread AWARENESS and help DONATE to the many people trying to turn such terrible tragedy into a some ray of sunshine. Here are ONLY SOME of the website links & instagram handles below I have found to donate to, please follow #australianbushfires and find out more on how we can help.

Kara Saunders

Fire is devastating Australia. Land, homes and LIVES have been lost and we’re not even close to being in the clear. Please help however you can. 

James Newbury

The last few days have been extremely emotional hearing and seeing the devastating events happening around Australia via the media but this pales in comparison to what’s actually happening ‘on the ground’. I cannot even comprehend it! Animal welfare is something that’s site very close to my heart. What can we do? We can all chip in to support our fires, animal carers and volunteers.

We have a ‘go fund me’ page via which all donations will go towards the SA country fire service, Victorian country fire service, @balubluefoundation and SAVEM which will be helping support animal carers, vet bills, food, independent animal housing and ongoing care for the animals whilst also helping kangaroo island restore their land and animal habitats.

Khan Porter

Australia is burning. My country. My home.

There has never been a fire in recorded history as devastating as what we are in the midst of right now. Millions of hectares destroyed. Over half a billion animals killed. Thousands of homes lost. Hundreds of people missing. Lives lost.

I’ve seen so much anger and frustration around how this has happened, lots of finger pointing, hateful comments directed at our government, the anti-climate-change movement and the foreign media for not giving this enough attention etc. Those who’ve lost something have every right to be angry.

But as we brace for one of the worst days so far for the fires, let’s put away our pitch forks and do something constructive to help those suffering through this.

The link in my bio has information for how to donate to the following services:

Link 1: The NSW rural firefighters service
Link 2: The Victorian rural firefighters service
Link 3: WIRES – NSW animal rescue
Links 4, 5 and 6: The Salvation Army, Red Cross and Vinnies – helping those who’ve lost their homes, or even worse, loved ones in the fires.

If you don’t have the cash to donate, you can also donate food or clothing to these guys. The time for holding people accountable and making policy change will come (but should be left to those qualified to do so, not social media lynch mobs…). Spread awareness, information about how to help, love and support. Please, anyone, anywhere in the world can help spread the word and chip in.

How Can You Help?

Here are all the places the athletes suggested — note that some of them are receiving too much traffic for their servers to handle, so check back periodically if you’re set on one that isn’t working.

Featured image via @sydneymorningherald on Instagram