This Australian Rugby Player Is Giving Us Hamstring Envy

Rugby players don’t always get a lot of credit in the United States for their athletic feats off the field. But with the 2016 Olympics fast approaching and Rugby Sevens on the roster as a new sport for the whole world to watch, we’ve started paying attention to what they’re doing in the weight room. It’s not always 1,000 pound squats or 400 pound snatches, but so far, keeping tabs on their strength antics hasn’t disappointed.

That’s Australian Sevens Captain Ed Jenkins, doing glute-ham raises that would make any pro lifter clench in envy. The short clip includes a fold-out move we’ve never seen the likes of in person, and from the sounds made by Jenkins’ teammates in the background, it’s clear this is something new for them, too.

The next time you see bodyweight accessory work on your programming, think twice before skipping it. These moves can drop jaws just as quickly as a barbell movement. And in a game of fast acceleration and heavy contact like rugby sevens, we’re betting these hammies make for an intimidating player on the field.

We couldn’t find any videos of Jenkins lifting, but we bet he can hold his own — and probably doesn’t need his arms to deadlift either.