Thea Lund

From a very early age, Thea has demonstrated a strong passion in various creative endeavours. She began dance lessons at the age of 4 which played a big role in developing her work ethic and natural competitive edge. She has studied many disciplines of dance including ballet, tap, jazz, lyrical, contemporary, modern, hip-hop and ballroom. She has won many awards, scholarships and titles for her dance performance, costume design and choreography at dance competitions in Canada and the US. Outside of the studio, Thea could be found either drawing, reading, journaling or behind the lens of a camera.After shifting her career focus in 2015, Thea decided to press pause on her 16-year relationship with dance to pursue her passion for health and fitness. She found CrossFit in April of 2015 and started training solely in Olympic weightlifting in February of 2016. She is now ranked as 2nd best female in British Columbia in the sport. With a recent 5th place finish in the 63kg female class at the Senior Canadian Weightlifting Nationals, Thea is eager to continue her journey in weightlifting as a 59kg lifter with hopes to compete for Canada Internationally.Still feeding her thirst for creativity, Thea looks to inspire others in the fitness industry by capturing her own experiences through writing, photography and other methods of artistic expression.


The Glute Ham Raise: Your Key to Stronger Hamstrings

There's a common denominator between strong deadlifts, squats, Olympic lifts, sprint speed, jumping, and athletic performance. This denominator is strong hamstrings.The hamstrings are composed of...

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