Celebrity Trainer Bob Harper Recovering After Heart Attack

Bob Harper recently revealed to TMZ that he suffered a heart attack while training in NYC. Harper was subsequently hospitalized for 8 days and is recovering in New York City.

Harper, 51, told TMZ that the attack is attributable to genetics; Harper’s mother died of a heart attack.

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Harper rose to fame as a trainer on NBC’s The Biggest Loser and took over hosting the show in 2015.

The celebrity trainer has in recent years been a big supporter of functional fitness, publicly expressing his love for CrossFit® style training and classes; Harper has since become a fixture in CrossFit affiliates both in NYC and LA, splitting his time between the two cities.

Below is a no-famous video of Harper tackling the benchmark CrossFit workout “Fran.”

We’re wishing Harper a speedy recovery.

Featured image: @trainerbob on Instagram